None Dare Call it Hypocrisy

“Canada assumed a leading role in forcing economic sanctions against South Africa.”

(Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

“We emphasize the importance of maintaining sanctions. Sanctions were imposed to help us end the apartheid system. It is only logical that we must continue to apply this form of pressure against the South African government.”

That’s Nelson Mandela addressing (and thanking) the Canadian Parliament in June 1990 for imposing, and championing in every international forum, economic sanctions against South Africa.

“We have signed recently a good agreement to give more opportunities to Canadian airlines,” said Teresita de JesDus Vicente Sotolongo, the Cuban ambassador to Canada.

“Last year, a record 900,000 Canadian tourists visited Cuba, and the Castro regime is anxious to top one-million this year. Sotolongo said some Canadians fly to the island two to three times a year, and have forged close bonds with the Cuban people.”

Entire story here : Cuba to give Canada expanded air access within island to boost tourism

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