16 thoughts on “Lechon Asado!–Anyone?”

  1. Amigas and amigos,

    Note how “free-roaming” and “wild-caught” have become something to advertise at those outrageously-overpriced “whole-foods” stores?

    Heaven forbid that I’d be accused of shopping at any such place–but they have a point.

    Our parents and grandparents all knew that you buy chickens and swine from the guajiros (who in Cuba probably earned more than the average city dweller–before Castro and Che showed up) and their animals always tasted better than the ones bought at super-markets (YES–Folks! Cuba ACTUALLY had those places, during the UNSPEAKBLE!!! Batista period–and even before)

    Point is–Wild Swine, due to it’s more varied diet (like the guajiros stock) tops store-bought, factory-farm-raised pork by a landslide–flavorful, delectable–but not easily obtainable.

    Wild Pigs are sharp. We lucked out on this morning’s hunt, and I made a (rare) good shot..


  2. Humberto,

    We used to hunt those in the Big Cypress National Preserve here in FL off Tamiami Trail.

    The hogs here are tough meat with very little fat therefore we used to cut them up in chunks and deep fry them.

    Best “masitas de puerco” fritas you could ever have, the taste is unbelievable, out of this world, best pork you could ever have.

    One time I tried to barbecue a piece of rib cage from one of those and it was too tough to eat because as you know wild game is always running around and their muscles are tough from the exercise.

    Instead we hunted the smaller ones (50-150 pounds range) because the big ones (200 plus pounds) here in the Everglades have that “Berrenchin” smell that goes into the meat and you cannot eat them. Also the skin is full of ticks, so no “chicharrones” out of those as we used to skin them.

  3. FFC,

    Indeed, amigo. Often the huge ones are fit only for Swine McNuggets and sausage..ALAS!!!

    Alas!!…I B-B-CUed some of the loin last night (soon as it stopped moving) and it was superb!

    My theory is diet. The ones that live in deep swamps and marshes tend to be strong. I hunt ten minutes from my door, 25 miles north of New Orleans in Piney woods. My guess is they have an overwhelming vegetarian diet in this area, hence mild flavor. Never had a bad one from this area.


  4. Humberto, why don’t you put that gun to better use and do everyone a favor and hunt other pigs, like Raul and Alarcon?

  5. Spygirl,

    If Humberto tries to do anything close to what you’re suggesting he’ll be charged and jailed by Uncle Sam.

  6. Spygirl, I am sure 81 other “hog hunters” with powerful scopes could be found and even a yacht from Biscayne Bay … (lightbulb) 🙂

  7. Mojito, One can only dream, right? I was just wishful thinking, that’s all.

    Freedom, don’t make me laugh. Please! Anyone can do it. Anyone! It’s not that hard. The hardest part would be to keep one’s mouth shut beforehand (which, I admit that for a Cuban would be a monumental task worthy of an entry into the Guinnes book of records). Seriously, read your history books: kings, emperors, prime ministers, presidents, dictators have been assassinated. It’s easy. All it takes is planning, tools and determination. Simple. Marat was assassinated by a woman and Lenin was almost wasted by another woman. I’ve seriously considered following their steps rather than resorting to the usual Cuban habit of endless verbal diarrhea without actually doing anything substantial. Why don’t I do it? Well, very practical reasons. I don’t own weapons and I barely have enough money to travel to work, much less travel to other countries to do what needs to be done.

  8. “Freedom, don’t make me laugh. Please! Anyone can do it. Anyone! It’s not that hard.”

    Sorry Spygirl, but this comment above is what it makes me laugh.

    You don’t want to get criticized on this blog plus you claim to be smart but, them you go and make such stupid, if not bonehead comments (for a lack of a better word) like the ones above as you don’t have a freaking clue how much security the Castro brothers have and how well protected they always are.

    You’re living in Fantasy Island if you think that anyone can get close enough to any of the Castro brothers to kill them, please…not even the CIA succeeded in the sixties and you think we can do it?

    How can you freaking underestimate the quality and the tactics of the security system that have kept the Castro brothers alive for the last fifty years?

    Do you think that is a fluke? Come on, please…

    For starters, I tell you my personal experience that I witnessed many times in Havana in the sixties an early seventies as I lived near the Plaza of the Revolution.

    The army posted guards with AK-47s on top of every building within sniper shot range of the Plaza every time that Fidel Castro spoke there (and in those days that was several times a year).

    As another example of how Fidel Castro is zealous of his security I have this true story for you that comes from my family.

    My family knows someone who worked for Fidel Castro’s brother in Cuba and an anecdote came from him.

    One time Fidel Castro went to visit his brother and asked for water to my family friend and made my family friend sample that same water first.

    By the way, the water was inside Castro’s brother’s refrigerator.

    I also know someone in the islands that went to one of those Cuban government sponsored cigar banquets attended by Fidel Castro and he told me that no one in the room could get close to Fidel as he had a four tables untouchable separation buffer full of security personnel surrounding him.

    And once Fidel Castro left the banquet hall no one was allowed to leave the building for the next half hour.

    Trust me Spygirl, if it was so easy to kill the Castro brothers they would have been dead a long time ago.

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