About Massachusetts

So, today is the big day in Massachusetts: The special election for the state’s open Senate seat.

Seems like it’s been going on forever, doesnt it? Well, at least for the past two weeks where both candidates really stepped up.

Right now, the race is a toss up, with polls leaning either way, but I truly hope Massachusetts Americans hit the polls in droves and elect Brown.

Win or lose, though, I do know that it has been rather amusing watching leading Dems and their myopic sycophants going ape shit over this election. It’s also been eyeopening, to say the least, to witness the incompetence, finger pointing, frothing at the mouth hatred, proliferating prevarication, complete disarray and just plain old fashioned panic from the Left. Ted Kennedy spinning is his grave is just the icing on the cake.

Brown Tuesday, Massachusetts!

2 thoughts on “About Massachusetts”

  1. what sucks is the polls really aren’t that close but the Dems have such an organizational and numerical advantage that this is going to be closer than it should be.

    Politico reported that the Obama WH is going to come out swinging if they lose so they can “let the chips fall where they may” come November. As a Republican all I can say is, “Thank you for giving us back the House and Senate.” Don’t they remember that Bill C. only started winning when he started to go to the middle?

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