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Massachusetts race alarms California Dems:

For [Barbara] Boxer, a favorite Republican target, a GOP win in Massachusetts would be a particularly dark sign representing “not just the canary in the coal mine,” said Wade Randlett, a leading Silicon Valley fundraiser for Obama. “It’s the flock of dead ravens landing on the lawn.”


3 thoughts on “Best line of the day”

  1. “It’s the flock of dead ravens landing on the lawn.”


    The Democrats cannot complain now. They got drunk on power thinking that they could shove down the American people’s throats a Marxist/Socialist/George Soros agenda and is backfiring on them big time.

    I got news for them, they’ll pay a stiff price for their actions at the ballot box.

  2. “Regardless of the outcome … this should be a gigantic wake-up call to the Democratic Party – that we’re not connecting with the needs, the aspirations and the desires of real people right now,” said San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.

    This from the man who unilaterally declared same-sex marriage legal.

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