Green toad to me…

Sapo verde pa’ mi, sapo verde to me…

Yes, today is my birthday. Forty-five years ago today my Dad was handing over a guanajo (turkey) and a bucket of lard to the doctor that delivered me in Cuba.

Forty-five. It seems a bit incomprehensible to me. I don’t feel a day over forty. Except, of course, in the mornings when I get out of bed, where what used to be a trio of cracking bones years ago has grown into a full grown orchestra. An osteosymphonic Ride of the Valkyres morning ritual.

But I digress… and I’ll be completely honest here in stating that the only reason I’m even writing about my birthday today is because I need something from you all. Mainly, money.

Shameless, aren’t I?

But, please, lemme ‘splain this prosaic breach of protocol: I really really need it. Really. Like, really really.

You see, it’s travelin’ money. I need it so I can get up to Washington DC in February. I need it for airfare and lodging when I go up to the nation’s capitol next month. On the 18th, to be exact, which happens to coincide with the day that Marco Rubio – yes, OUR Marco Rubio – delivers a very super important keynote address.

It is a historic moment, not just for Marco, but for we Americans of Cuban descent. Our very own Marco Rubio – Miami hometown boy, raised just like us with chancletazos and chicharos, reared in the very city where most if not all of our parents first stepped foot onto this land of liberty – will be delivering the opening keynote address at this year’s CPAC convention. The very same convention that has historically been keynoted by many esteemed and revered conservative patriots, including 12 keynote speeches by one Ronald Reagan.

Marco Rubio’s address at CPAC is historically significant in many ways, for all Americans, but especially for our community. I need to be there to cover it. I need to be there, goosebumps and all, to report on it and post on it and tell you all about it on the labor of love that is this blog.

I want to be there, too, so I can shove it in the faces of fidel, raul and all of their sycophants and useful idiots and say “Here, you fucking bastards. Marco Rubio is a free Cuban and look at what he can accomplish.”

I want to be the first to give fidel and raul and the rest of those communist fucks a good swift kick in the balls and show them Marco Rubio, son of gusanos, Miami Mafioso, future fucking Florida Senator of the United States of America, on center stage. I want to be the first to slap those bastards around with the reality that Marco Rubio, son of Cuban exiles, may one day – maybe very much sooner than anyone expects – be residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Stick that in your cigar and smoke it, fidel.

So if you want to give me a birthday present today, give me that. It will truly be the gift that keeps on giving. Click the button below to birthday present me.

12 thoughts on “Green toad to me…”

  1. Happy birthday, Val. Your gift has been sent.

    I wish I could be in DC as well, but I am saving my pennies to visit my grandchildren.

    I have been blessed to listen to speak on three occasions. He is an incredible young man and I am proud to support him.

    Enjoy your birthday and enjoy your trip.

  2. Happy B’day Val. I just sent you my humble little gift and hope that many others will follow suit after Carol and me.

    Frankly Val, I don’t support Marco because he’s Cuban, I didn’t grow up in Miami nor did I get “chancletazos”. My father was Asturiano, so it was more like “osteazos”. I also could care less if fifo or raul chokes on this one, (although I’d like them to choke on > something <!!!

    I support Marco because he stands for everything that I believe to be true American patriotism, and even if many nay sayers advice that patriotism is dead, I'm going to do my darn best to keep it alive. I believe with my heart that supporting Marco Rubio is a vote in favor of true American values and genuine conservatism, just the way I was taught they were by an Asturian father and a Cuban mother, to bring this country back to its spectacular glory.

    Go Marco and Go Val!!!!!!

  3. Felicidades muchas ,Val.No gifts from me but im really gratefull of what you have done for the freedom cause of Cuba and also here in the States..!!


  4. When ever you start to feel old, just imagine Fifo propped up in a chair with his colostomy bag, while Raulita spoon feeds him gerbers baby food 🙂

    The only thing “History needs to absolve” is the shit in his pants!

  5. Happy Birth Day Val!
    I too have high hopes for Marco. Newly registered in Florida, sent a nice check to his campaign and ready help him go all the way to DC!

  6. Wishing you a Happy Belated Birthday Val!!!

    God Bless 🙂 Melek

    Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. ~Mark Twain

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