A catastrophe in waiting

Kenneth Chandler, former editor and piblisher pf The New York Post, has written a scathing piece titled “Cuba: A catastrophe in waiting” That is a must read. Here’s a sample:

Havana is a city of sorrow — a once elegant and prosperous capital brought to despair by 51 years of deliberate neglect and isolation. A country that has been plundered by a succession of foreign powers, homegrown dictators and mobsters imported from America now languishes in a bizarre time warp where little has changed in more than half a century.

Its people go about their daily routines bereft of consumer goods, nutritious foods, meaningful jobs or adequate housing — most of them born after the revolution that swept Castro to power in 1959 and now, thanks to rigid censorship, largely conditioned to accept their impoverished lot.

Prosperity is the last thing that comes to mind as you watch the Cuban people wearing clothing that went out of style years ago. Even shoes are washed and hung on the laundry line along with shirts and pants.

To listen to [c]astro’s cronies — those among the political and business elite whose loyalty is secured with perks unavailable to ordinary Cubans — the economic situation is solely the fault of the US embargo imposed after the revolution.

More thoughtful Cubans discreetly offer a different explanation: They blame Fidel’s feckless experiments with communism — his initial seizure of $25 billion worth of private property from Cubans and the nationalization of all businesses, forcing the middle class to flee to Miami; his bizarre decision to send 300,000 Cubans out of a population of only 11 million to fight wars in Africa in the 1980s; his Cold War alliance with the Russians that left his country bankrupt and saddled with antiquated technology when the Soviet Union collapsed.

Everyone in Cuba knows the status quo can’t last. But no one knows how or when it will end. The political structure, like Havana’s crumbling buildings, seems to be held up by force of habit and little else.


Cuba is in limbo, its creaky, centralized economy sustained for now by Latin America’s other delusional dictator [h]ugo [c]havez — who sends oil in return for Cuban doctors dispatched to Caracas.

The day of reckoning for Cuba’s calamity is approaching. It will take an international effort to put this country back on its feet.

Read the whole thing. When castro’s Cuba falls, we’ll be there, like Zola, yelling j’accuse! at the scumbags, opportunists and fellow travelers that propped up these murderers for over a half century.

Via Capitol Hill Cubans.

4 thoughts on “A catastrophe in waiting”

  1. How refreshing to read something about Cuba in the mainstream news that reflects reality. Here’s someone who actually acknowledges that this was once a prosperous nation which was plundered and abused beyond any recognition.

    I had wanted to leave a comment after the story in order to commend the author on his excellent piece, but apparently the logon and registration is not working properly. This is unfortunate, it is so important for us to publicly recognize and back the very few who are willing to spread the truth, instead of repeating the usual socialist, brain-dead idiocy.

    This article is frame-worthy.

  2. Superb! Received it through my newsfeed and posted last night because is one of the few articles in the MSM who addresses the sad reality of today’s Cuba. Alley Kat, I also tried to register to comment, but had the same problem ;-(

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