Crist has problems? I’ll say…

Meant to get to this yesterday…from Politico:

SUNSHINE STATE OF SHOCK: Florida’s Senate race may have reached a pivotal point Tuesday, when a new Quinnipiac survey gave former state House Speaker Marco Rubio his first (narrow) lead in the Republican primary matchup with Gov. Charlie Crist. The conservative insurgent edged Crist, 47 percent to 44 percent.

Compounding that news were fundraising reports from both candidates, which showed Rubio with a better than expected haul of $1.75 million — just a quarter-million dollars less than Crist, whose fundraising skills have left him with a daunting cash-on-hand advantage.

“Momentum’s behind Marco. That’s been going on for the past three months,” a source close to the governor said. “I think Charlie has got problems … He’s got time to make a couple corrections, maybe see some of this anger dissipate and then be in a position, with his financial advantage, which I think will be maintained, to turn things around.”

NOT HELPING: Confounding observers who attribute Crist’s vulnerability to his support for parts of the White House’s agenda, the governor said he might join Obama during a presidential visit to Tampa on Thursday. The governor, who is already planning to be in the area for another event, said Tuesday, “If we can work it out logistically, I’ll be with him.” Obama and Vice President Biden are visiting to announce billions in Recovery Act funding for high-speed rail projects in the state.

It’s time for another Crist-Obama man-hug!

Oh, and Charlie, raising taxes is no way to win any election as a Republican. And this smoker aint at all happy about the two tax increases on cigarettes you nailed him with and will certainly be incensed if you slam me with another increase as rumor has it.

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  1. hate, hate, hate Crist. didn’t vote for him in primaries, didn’t vote for him in general election and have been pulling for Marco since before day one BUT as Jeb noted yesterday – if the president calls, you show up. You don’t hug him, you don’t shill for him but you do show up. Crist did it right yesterday but too little too late, nothing will erase the image of the hug.

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