Help me, Oba-Wan Kenoby!

You’re my only hope!


Update: OUCH! Rep. Jeff Miller:

Floridians should not be fooled by Crist’s sleight of hand. He now says he will not apologize for accepting the stimulus, although accepting the money after the bill became law has never been the issue. Where Crist failed the people of Florida was in endorsing, campaigning and lobbying for the largest spending bill in American history, a bill which has burdened our children to mountains of debt, and which will lead to a massive tax bill that all Americans will have to pay.

The governor showed poor judgment born out of political opportunism. He called on me and my fellow Republicans to urge us to support President Obama’s stimulus, even going so far as to sign a letter expressing his “support for the American Recovery and Investment Act.” At the time, Sen. Mel Martinez questioned whether Crist even understood what was in the bill.

However, that did not stop the governor from having Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer send his minions to rally support for the bill across Florida.

Those of us who actually studied the bill knew we had to oppose it, because our country cannot tax, borrow and spend its way to prosperity. In the end, not a single member of Florida’s Republican congressional delegation voted for it.

4 thoughts on “Help me, Oba-Wan Kenoby!”

  1. I wish I could see more of the Crist-Rubio matchup as it is shaping up within Florida. We only get to see the spillover here in Louisiana. Something tells me I’m missing a year-long tea party. And I’m really enjoying tea this year.

    Buena suerte Marco!

  2. My wish is that the polls show Rubio ahead more than five points and Crist, fearing an embarrassment like in Massachusetts, drops out of the race, thereby saving Rubio lots of money.

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