Medieval Repression in Venezuela, exposed via Twitter


As good friend Joe Lima wrote in the email he sent with this photo, “The iron claw, la garra de hierro.  Ruthless commie SOBs are not going to get away with this.” 

No, Joe they are not.

I thank God every day for the power of the Internet.

View photos of the injured Venezuelan protesters on Fox News, and spread the word.

Update: Instapundit link. Thanks! Just like the oppressed bloggers in Cuba, public exposure is the only protection these protesters have against government brutality, please help spread the word however you can.

12 thoughts on “Medieval Repression in Venezuela, exposed via Twitter”

  1. Yes, Ziva, Thank God for the power of the Internet, since we can’t rely on “our newspapers of record” like the New York Times [that claim to “print all the news that worth to print”] to print a photo like this one!

    That is an absolutely outrageous photograph. I pray to God that Chavez is deposed soon, very soon!

  2. Possible dumb question: What would that “Iron Claw” be used for? Do you swing it in a circle and stab people ?

  3. “THey won’t get away w/ this”. Looks like they have, and that’s why I advocate a “take no prisoners” approach when it comes to commies, both HERE and abroad. I’d exterminate them like the vermin that they are.

  4. The Miami Herald has used reprehensible photographs placed on internet by Puerto Rican doctors in Haiti to replace this item

  5. I just learned that the “official” name for the iron claw, as used by the Venezuelan National Guard, is the Garrampiño, and evidently Chavez is quite upset about the coverage its use is receiving in the international press which, he complains, is giving the impression that he is a “bloody tyrant.” There is a video of his complaint at that link.

    Poor Hugo! No one understands him.

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