There is no brutal repression going on here… please move along

According to Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s simian prince, there is no torture or brutal repression being carried out by state security forces against the student protests that have been going on in Venezuela for the past week.

Venezuela’s Chavez Denies Protesters Were Tortured

CARACAS – President Hugo Chavez denied on Friday that students mounting anti-government protests this week in Caracas and other Venezuelan cities have been subject to torture or “brutal repression.”

Demonstrators have been confronted by Venezuela’s militarized police, the Guardia Nacional, as well as by Chavez supporters, two of whom were fatally shot Monday in the western city of Merida.

The pictures below, however, tell a different story.

That brings us to the oft asked question: Who are you going to believe? The chimp that would be king, or your own lying eyes?






Update: Instapundit link. Thanks! Just like the oppressed bloggers in Cuba, public exposure is the only protection these protesters have against government brutality, please help spread the word however you can.

There’s more coverage with lots of photos of the goings on in Venezuela this past week at The Real Cuba.

22 thoughts on “There is no brutal repression going on here… please move along”

  1. Those hideous back wounds look like from whatever Chavez police are shooting from their shotguns. I’d be willing to bet there’s already more than “Four Dead in Maracaibo.”…….”what if you knew her, and found her dead on the ground.”

    We anxiously await for “little” Steve Van Zandt to record “I Ain’t gonna Play Caracas!”

  2. To note that repression is carried on not only by police and national guard but also by goon squads, called “Tupamaros”. Sometimes they act while police looks on. This was the case in the worst part of what happened in Mérida. They were the ones who shot at buldings where people were banging pots, the ones who broke into the parking lot of an appartment building complex and burned cars, the ones who burned the home of an opposition leader in Ejido, near Mérida. It is well kown that police have orders to leave the Tupamaros alone. It is also well known that some police and national guard units are not willing to do the dirty work of beastly repression.

  3. j alvarez –

    Thank you for the reminder of how communists are an intergenerational terminal cancer about which the marxstream media has lied for decades.

    First time I came across ‘tupamaro’ was fall, ’72, in college, the campus bookstore had several radical-type comic books for sale which praised the ‘tupamaros’.

    How things never change, and the press always denies…

    And then, as now, thank you, Mr. Peanuts, for ‘certifying’ the ‘election’ of this simian monster a few years ago, just as you brought us the second worst presidency in history during the 70s.


    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasoviet Key, Florida
    31 January, 2010

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