Los Van Van Leader Juan Formell Mobbed by Bomb-Throwing Exile Loonies!!!


In fact, after the tumultuous ovations last night, here’s Formell shopping peacefully at Miami’s Brandsmart.

H/t to our friend Frank Resillez

15 thoughts on “Los Van Van Leader Juan Formell Mobbed by Bomb-Throwing Exile Loonies!!!”

  1. Estos nangaras son muy capitalistas.

    Asi es muy facil ser socialista (o socios listos como me gusta llamarlos). Comprando de todo en los Estados Unidos mientras el pueblo en Cuba no tiene nada.

    Que descaraos y caras de lata son.

  2. OK, for the record: the above Formell’s son, Juan CARLOS Formell, is an excellent musician, an anti-Castroite who makes me look like a Phil Peters/Wayne Smith clone and an immensely decent person who ESCAPED from Cuba. He’s also a DEAR FRIEND of mine.
    If ever you get word of him performing in your area: DON’T MISS IT!!


  3. Must be nice, though, to get all the benefits in Cuba of bad-mouthing the yanquis and then to come la yuma and do some shopping. I’m going to be roundly criticized for writing this but I don’t care: the Cubans who came here for economic reasons and not to escape a vile tyranny should get the hell out and make room for those Cubans who truly love liberty. Parasites and hypocrites. You are part of the reason Cuba is what it is today.

  4. George,
    You are spot on. I also differentiate as well with helping those in Cuba who cannot help themselves and are opposed to the regime. For those who came so they could go back with rented jewelry they can all take a hike.

  5. George,

    I would give a one way ticket back to Cuba to all those Cubans you just mentioned as allowing them into America has created the current situation we find ourselves here in Miami today.

    If these Cubans were not here Los Van Van could not sell a fucking concert ticket in this town.

  6. Sorry,

    But that post smells like BS to me, as the Castro brothers will never allow firearms in the hands of regular Cuban citizens.

    If anything has guaranteed the survival of the Castro brothers is that the Havana regime is the only institution that have arms to defend itself and the people knowing this fact are afraid to rebel because they’ll be slaughtered.

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