19 thoughts on “Who wins the Superbowl tonight?”

  1. oh yeah, that was real controversial, I have to say I’m not offended by Pam y Tim, no matter which team he plays for… 😉

  2. Guys, I’m trying to start my car on fire in the driveway in celebration but fire won’t melt steel or something … or could be the 2 friggin feet of friggin snow on it.

  3. Well needless to say, we’re loving life and living large here in Lafayette, Louisiana. I watched the game over at a Super Bowl party at the home of a good friend, whose wife ended up taking most of our car keys (including mine) away from everyone, for some reason I forgot. 🙂 She ended up running a taxi service after the game. We’re all home safe and sound now.

    After the game ended we all walked outside to simply scream our lungs out and saw the unexpected sight of fireworks going off in the sky for about 10-15 minutes. There were cars honking everywhere, police sirens going off and we weren’t the only ones screaming.

    The Tracy Porter interception just brought the house down. We were all running around and jumping up and down screaming while it happened–behavior which continued for a while–and my friends two dogs, who were much alarmed at our antics, ended up jumping up on the coffee table, knocking beer bottles, glasses, chips, dips, assorted appetizers and a variety of electronic communications devices everywhere. We loved every second of the cleanup.

    Humberto–when you get here, know this …

    NO DAT!


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