8 thoughts on “Welcome to Monday”

  1. There is no CURE needed the Morning after the SAINTS win the Super Bowl!
    (Fellow Left Coaster– If we were in New Orleans, 5 am –we would still be on Bourbon Street)

  2. Another atleast 6 inches on top of the over 2 ft we already have starting tomorrow morning?

    Okay, that’s it. I’m moving to Fla. I’ve had it.

    Charlie can’t surf snow (NO! Snowboarding causes boo-boo on duh head … trust me)

  3. I’m with Gigi and Abelardo, a very high octane colada (no sugar for even more effect) and then go back to sleep for 24 hours……Even though I did not drink that much yesterday, after watching the commercial that flashed fidel’s picture, I got a massive headache.

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