Indian Ambassador to Cuba Rhapsodizes over Fidel and Che

Miter Vasisht, India’s ambassador in Cuba, points out that Fidel is a very dear person in her country and the name of Che Guevara is something beloved by millions of Indians…. I would like Cuba and India to have exceptional bonds in all spheres…India has helped Cuba in development through the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Program.”

Well, given the Castro Revolution’s universally touted (by agents and/or imbeciles) “advances” just maybe India can help?

Cow p*ss instead of cokes, for starters.

And to repair all those unslightly cracks in Havana’s buildings, howze about Cow-sh*t for wallpaper.

Imagine Cuba–during the (UNSPEAKABLE!!!) Batista era when it enjoyed a higher per-capita income than half of Europe–groveling for aid from INDIA!!!

Absolutely Un-‘Freakin-Real

3 thoughts on “Indian Ambassador to Cuba Rhapsodizes over Fidel and Che”

  1. The Indian cowpiss softdrink & Wallpaper d’Cowflop perfectly demonstrate that what these hippie-dip leftist commie 60s relics go on and on and on about how ‘we should be more like europe and developed countries’. But what they really mean is we should all be reduced to the level of primitives enslaved in a filthy, primitive impoverished islamist police state, as has become the UK.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manamaharishi Key, Fluorida
    11 February, 2010

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