10 thoughts on “Courage”

  1. Why isn’t the little mad desert scorpion wearing that cute pie hat he usually affects? Is this a whole new fashion statement?

    Always nice to remember who aided and abetted this 31 year carnival of evil – in addition to Mr. Peanuts who opened the door to these bugs when he cheated the Shah out of his position, the marxstream media has done a yeoman like job of pimping the terrorist cause.

    PBS – Proletarians, Bolshevists & Socialists – on its ‘All Things Considered’ insisted that reporters take great pains to pronounce ayatollah cockamamie’s name with a pluperfect Farsi inflection, as if to send the subliminal message that the mad mullahs are legit and we are not.

    Present day, nice to see our marxstream media turning a blind eye to the alliance of Cuba-Zuela, Russia, and Iran, and all that it portends.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasoviet Key, Florida
    11 February, 2010

  2. Sadly, it is photoshopped, but she did stand in front of the vehicle back in May or June. That alone gives her big bongos (to use the American approximation to the Cuban term) in my eyes. And sadder yet, no name.

  3. As usual women have more balls than us guys, we just carry them around or should I say if your married, like most of us, their in the pantry put away.

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