A Cuban vampire in Caracas

There is an interesting Op-Ed by Alina Fernandez Revuelta in the Herald today.

Keeping Venezuela in the dark

Vampires in Havana was the name of a very popular cartoon series on Cuban TV when I was growing up. Some human-like bats from Transylvania were immunized to the tropical sun by a substance called Vampisol and could thus stroll safely through the streets of Havana, looking for “Zerum Positivum” blood.

Those vampires ruled the Cuban TV screens, sharing programming space with another imaginary character, the Incandescent Villain. This evildoer turned on lights throughout the island in violation of official proclamations to reduce electrical consumption. He was pursued by the Click Brigade, who turned off lights one by one.

Today “Vampires in Caracas” should be the headline for the series of news stories generated by the presence of Cuban Communications Minister Ramiro Valdés on Bolivarian soil.

The recent transfer of that official to Venezuela has generated multiple theories, the main one being that Cuba’s Raúl Castro wants to place the sea between himself and his sinister vice president. Much is said about their mutual antipathy. For the Cuban people, this move would be beneficial because it implies a schism in the island’s political leadership.

Read the entire Op-Ed HERE.

2 thoughts on “A Cuban vampire in Caracas”

  1. Way to go Alina!!!

    My old and defective mind

    came up with this piece of


    The tattered red rags

    of the mad marxist world

    proclaim still now in voices

    far and far less heard

    that they are still

    and always will

    be voice of youth and future.

    And yet the sad truth tells

    the gray reality of their

    failed dream is same bald badness

    death destruction fear and blood

    where ever their craziness is tried

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