Don’t these New Orleans Maniacs ever STOP Partying?!


Last week, The Super Beauxl !–this week, Mardi Gras! (there’s no record of Keith Richards ever attending a Mardi Gras, by the way –except on a t-shirt worn by an ABSOLUTELY INSUFFERABLE (!!!) intransigent)


Normally demure suburban wives and mothers “GONE WILD!!!”–as they storm a Bourbon St. stage to belt out Queen’s: “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!” while clad in Saints regalia.
super bowl

Fontova offspring in jubilation mode

Absolutely Un-‘Freakin Real !!!

4 thoughts on “Don’t these New Orleans Maniacs ever STOP Partying?!”

  1. Humberto Amigo,

    It looks like you’re still celebrating…LOL

    I don’t blame you at all; it took your Saints way too long to win it all.

    That’s the perfect reason to keep celebrating…LOL

  2. Less than 24 hours ago, I stopped at a light behind a big bad SUV with TWO Saints flags flying on each side rear windows, and a NOLA football bumper sticker….. in north Dallas.

    Maybe they’re trying to compete with the party in Rio.

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