Cuba “Expert”, Julia Sweig thanks Castro’s terror agents in her book’s acknowledgements

Cuba “Expert” Julia Sweig on The Colbert Report

“Julia Sweig, who serves as the Nelson and David Rockefeller Senior Fellow for Latin America Studies and Director for Latin America Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations and is an MSM darling on all matters Cuban, thanks both the expelled Castroite espionage agent Josefina Vidal and the expelled Castroite terrorist plotter Jose Gomez Abad (of the 1962 New York terrorist bomb plot) in the acknowledgement of her book. During his “in-depth interview” with Ms Sweig, the “edgy” and “feisty” and “hard-hitting” Stephen Colbert, somehow “overlooked” this thoroughly fascinating issue.

Entire intransigence here.

6 thoughts on “Cuba “Expert”, Julia Sweig thanks Castro’s terror agents in her book’s acknowledgements”

  1. Julia Sweig is hideous. She just wrote a new book on Cuban exiles called, “The Immigrant Divide: How Cuban Americans Changed the US and their Homeland.”

    I’m reading that piece of crap. She’s nothing more than a sounding board for the tyranny.
    She slanders Cuban Americans by bringing up all of the myths that the castro tyranny has invented about us. If she had written about any other ethnic group as slanted a piece as she has done with Cuban Americans, she would be considered a bigot and treated as a pariah by her fellow academicians.

    The sad thing is that this book passes off as scholarship and will undoubtedly be used by professors in colleges thus brainwashing a new generation of students. Its easy to see how there is so much misinformation out there, and why everyone believes that castro isn’t so bad and that Cuban exiles are “right winged, intransigent, fascists.”

    People like Sweig are information launderers for the regime. They take castro’s dirty propaganda and disseminate it in the USA via books published by prestigious university presses, respected scholarly journals, and university classes and conferences in Ivy League Colleges. Because of their credentials, they are also invited to speak to the mainstream media and their remarks are taken as those of experts who are beyond reproach.

    If anyone says anything about them, the supercilious and demeaning response is that one is an paranoid idiot, because if she were so bad, she wouldn’t associated with so many prestigious institutions.

    It’s brilliant propaganda that is in reality more sophisticated and insidious than anything that Goebbels could have thought up. In reality, Goebbels’s propaganda is unpolished compared to the Cuban tyranny’s.

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