CPAC Live Blogging

Dealing with a really slow connection but will to my best to live blog this morning’s event and key note opener by Marco.

Welcoming and introductions going on right now. Place is packed to the gills with tons of people still outside the venue getting credentials. Tons of students. It’s great to see so much youth here. CPAC head just cracked an Obama teleprompter joke.

I believe Demint is about to take stage to introduce the Cuban dude from West Miami. You all know I wear my heart on my sleeve, so I need not tell you that I already have goosebumps.

Demint takes stage to rousing applause.

Standing OOOO!!!!

Introducing Marco! Demint mentions Crist, crowd boos.

Marco intro getting me teary eyed.

Marco takes stage, standing O!!!

Oh man, Marco is ON!!!!

I believe there’s a video live stream at the CPAC webpage.

Marco talking about his grandfather. Talks about his grandfather talking baseball when he was a kid.

Doing great so far!

“Political class and MSM out of touch with Americans.”

Taking jabs at Crist now.

Hahahah US Senate has one Arlen Spectre too many!!!

Standing OOO!

He’s spot on on all economic points. Crowd loving it.

raised by exiles…

Closing statements…

He’s a little choked up talking about his parents…

those that came before us made their choices, now we must make ours….

10 thoughts on “CPAC Live Blogging”

  1. Thx 4 the live blog … Im @ work but can’t wait 2 see it later; winds of real CHANGE are blowing and not just in flyover country. Let’s make it a landslide in Nov and get back our country on the road to real HOPE.

  2. Marco Rubio is a brilliant find for Florida and for the nation. How does someone so special develop? That has always been my question. The bottom line is that such as Marco Rubio DO exist and must be nurtured and supported – for all our sakes!

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