CPAC Blogging – Day 2

This place was pretty crazy yesterday. Literally thousands and thousands of people, young and old, most of them donning Marco 2010 stickers on their lapels or blouses, all here trying to make a difference. It’s pretty impressive and the overwhelming sentiment seems to be “I cant wait ’til November.”

Marco and Demint really brought the house down, and the rest of the bevy of speakers gave pretty rousing speeches. If the public sentiment in this country is anything like Ive witnessed here, the Donkey party is in for a major spanking in the midterms.

Yesterday, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting in person blogging colleagues like Michelle Malkin, Ed Morrisey, Jeff Quinton, Andrew Ian Dodge, One Fine jay, Fausta and many others. These are folks that have from day one supported Babalu and our cause.

As you can imagine, Ive been “Cuba this and Cuba thating” to everyone and anyone that would listen, including politicos here vying for our support.

Events have just begun today and it appears they have “fixed’ the WiFi connection issues so I hope to be able to post a little more than yesterday.

2 thoughts on “CPAC Blogging – Day 2”

  1. I hope one fine Jay is Nordlinger.
    Also, was Toomey invited to speak? I sure hope so. He is so smart and concise , clear and clever.

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