CPAC 2010 – Miami Epilogue

Made it home from DC yesterday evening and I was pretty exhausted. Legs felt like I’d run a marathon and my feet felt like someone had spent a day bashing them with ball peen hammers. The Mrs had her famous arroz con pollo ready for me on the stove and a big container of hot water and epsom salt ready for me in front of my recliner for my aching feet.

As I sat there, feet soaking in warm water and epsom salt, recounting the trip to the Mrs, I realized that I wasnt just retelling her about everything, but actually absorbing the events of the past couple of days. And, as always happens when I get home from these kind of trips, I found myself having a hard time holding back tears. You all know what a big softy I am.

This blog has afforded me trips to the White House, a sit down with a POTUS, and audience at a huge UN protest and many other things. But, if blogging has given me anything, it’s having the honor and privilege to meet some incredible people. i can truly and honestly say that while it was inspiring to have the privilege of traveling up to DC in support of Marco Rubio and experiencing the support he received from every single person there, the greatest inspiration for me at CPAC came from all of the folks I met while there, especially from blogging colleagues that have supported Babalu and our cause for years whom I’d never had the honor to meet in person. What an amazing group of people!

Everything is still sinking in. All the handshakes, hugs, conversations, debates, laughs…everything from the past few days is seeping in the way water enters stone. And, as I perused my colleagues blogs this morning to take in their CPAC stories and coverage, I found one blog post that completely nailed me and proves that this trip has and will continue to bear fruit.

You can read that post, right here.

Like I commented at DaTechGuy’s post, I dont know if I deserve the honor, but I sure will work my ass off trying to earn it.

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  1. Val – Ed Morrissey of Hot Air also talked about doing an interview with you on his long (~10 min) video interview with GayPatriot over the Ryan Sarbo flap at CPAC. You had a LOT of notoriety there – LOL. Seriously, it was a great experience for me also. I was very nervous about meeting open hostility as a gay conservative, but everyone that personally spoke with me while I hung out with GOProud was supportive. Even the people that were there with no other message but an anti-gay message (National Organization for Marriage and that Catholic lay group against gays in the military) were rather marginalized. I realized social conservatives were NOT the majority at CPAC, at least not those of the earth is 6,000 years old nutcase variety.

    Glad it meant so much to you and that it impacted you. It sure did a lot to boost Marco’s national exposure. Let’s hope it doesn’t cost him some of hius humility.

  2. La Ventanita – it’s open to everyone that wants to pay the $175 registration fee. This year 10,000 decided to! LOL

  3. Cangrejero,

    I went by the GOProud booth a couple of times looking for you but you werent there. Chatted with your guys there for a while.

    Unfortunately, scheduling didnt permit me to get together with Morrisey for a video interview. Although he and I did hang out and talk for quite a while. i was happy to learn he won theblogger of the year award. if anyone deserevd it, it was Ed.

  4. Welcome back, Val! Great job. Must’ve been quite the experience being there. What I saw on TV was encouraging. The “Progressives” currently in control must be pissing themselves.

    Here, have a look at this (since you’re following the Iran situation also).

    “Another Brick In The Wall (Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone!)”


  5. Welcome back Val,

    Thank you for representing the Cuba issue at the CPAc at a time in history when all the cards are stacked against us.

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