Prende una vela, Ramiro!

Cuba sends Ramiro Valdez to Venezuela to help with the “electrical” problems that country is experiencing, here’s a result:

From the WaPo:

President Hugo Chavez was giving a televised address Thursday when the broadcast on state TV was suddenly interrupted. TV screens went fuzzy for a couple of seconds, then the channel switched to a spot urging Venezuelans to save electricity. When the live broadcast resumed minutes later, Chavez said the interruption was caused by problems with a power generator.

What I want to know is, did Ramiro bring along enough candles with him?

4 thoughts on “Prende una vela, Ramiro!”

  1. There was a song back in the late 70s early 80s in Cuba that went:
    “Qué prendan, prendan el mechón”
    Someone should sing it to Chávez

  2. I wonder if this is from the surge of electricity going through a torture victim’s body. Remember Chavez claiming that someone’s attacking the grid? That’s the electro-shock therapy zapping up Venezuela’s electricity.

  3. Chavez having his speech interrupted by a blackout…PRICELESS!

    Se salvaron los Venezolanos, porque ese Chavez habla tanta mierda.

    At least something good is coming out of these blackouts in Venezuela because Chavez’s speeches are the equivalent of a strong “purgante”.

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