US Media tongueless

Here’s a pretty good editorial from Canada’s Globe and Mail, regarding the murder of Orlando Zapata Tamayo:

Canadians vacationing in Cuba may be too busy sipping mojitos and frolicking in the ocean to consider last week’s tragic death of a Cuban political prisoner. But it is a powerful reminder of the island’s repressive underbelly, and illustrates the Cuban government’s continued and blatant disregard for human rights and civil liberties.

Orlando Zapata Tamayo, a 42-year-old carpenter and plumber, stopped eating Dec. 3 to protest the conditions of his detention, and died in a hospital in Havana last Tuesday. He is the first political prisoner to starve himself to death since 1972, when Pedro Luis Boitel, a student leader and poet, suffered the same fatal end.

The US media hasnt had much overall coverage of the Tamayo tragedy because for them, it’s all about the narrative.

Humberto Fontova knows the narrative.

2 thoughts on “US Media tongueless”

  1. While going to a largely Irish-American Catholic school in
    New York as a kid I can still remember the nuns telling us to pray for Bobby Sands and the other “blanket men” and I remember the media response and the diplomatic outrage.
    I have no Irish background but I was made to learn about “the troubles” in Northern Ireland. How is this different?

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