“Most deaths largely ignored”

Our friend Maria Werlau, explains that it didn’t begin with Zapata’s martyrdom–and probably will not end with it.

The recent death by hunger strike of Orlando Zapata Tamayo is not a first-time event in Cuba. Sadly, we have records of another 12 political prisoners who died in hunger strikes during the Castro regime. More such deaths are probably unrecorded.

Entire article here.

1 thought on ““Most deaths largely ignored””

  1. The tea party movement uses e-mails and repeated urgings to get people to publicize their unhappiness.
    Cubans don’t have widespread groups of people to sustain Cuban interests. But you do have the internet.
    It would be good if all Cuban exiles would write their newspapers and call their congressmen to publicize the names and faces of prisoners in the Cuban gulag.
    Make the prisoners’ names better known.

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