One Moment — Two Men

It was the American poet Walt Whitman who once said, “either define the moment or the moment will define you.” Below are two men: One of them is defining his moment, and the other is allowing the moment to define him.


One of them, facing certain death, has the courage to stand up for what is right regardless of the outcome. He has taken the intolerable moment fate has given him and he is not allowing it to define him. Instead, he is defining that moment, and in turn, the moments of his fellow countrymen. This man, as well as those like him, will go down in history as a hero, a patriot, a warrior. Years from now when people look back at his moment, it will be defined by his bravery and integrity.

The other one lives a life of luxury and although he came from humble beginnings, the days of hardship and suffering are long forgotten. There was a time when this man defined his moments, but today he allows the moments to define what he is, and more importantly, what he is not: a man of integrity. Faced with the opportunity to show courage in a difficult moment, he chose instead to act as a coward and acquiesce to evil. Years from now when people look back at his difficult moment, they will notice that the moment defined him as a coward.

It is interesting to see how two men–one an enslaved pauper and the other a wealthy and powerful leader–deal with the same difficult moment. And it is even more interesting to see that it is the pauper who is defining the moment, and the leader who is allowing the moment to define him.

8 thoughts on “One Moment — Two Men”

  1. Great post Alberto.
    Latest news: European Parliament just voted to condemn the Castro brothers 509 to 30!
    Minutes later, Spain’s delegate implied that the Socialist government was abandoning its attempt to relax the EU policy regarding Cuba.
    This will make it more difficult for hypocrites like Lula to continue defending the indefensible.
    I have never seen such a lopsided vote against the Cuban regime. 509 to 30! WOW!

  2. Lula is a despicable Commie SOB, coward piece of shit that deserves to rot in hell along with the Castro brothers.

    Finally the EU is taking the lead against the Castro tyranny and bypassing the actions of jilipoyas, tyranny appeasers like Moratinos and Zapatero in Spain.

    May the actions and sacrifice of a martyr (Orlando Zapata Tamayo) and another hero and possibly future martyr (Farina)and all those souls in heaven that died fighting the Castro tyranny over the years lead to Cuba’s freedom from the Castro brothers tyranny once and for all.

    Unfortunately and as extremely painful as it is the path to freedom always involves the sacrifice of many martyrs. Cuban history since 1868 is ample proof of this fact.

    May the people in the island awake from their cowardice and take a cue from Farina’s courageous struggle and Orlando Zapata Tamayo sacrifice and stand-up to the Castro tyranny once and for all and the rest will become history.

    If that happens we’ll support from this side of the FL straights in influencing US public opinion against the tyranny and we’ll be able to lobby in Washington DC to help bring freedom to Cuba and help the people in the island.

    But unfortunately until the people in the island revolt and show that they want to be free we cannot do anything from here.

    We need to pray that the sacrifice of our heroes and martyrs finally bears fruit and leads to Cuba’s freedom.

  3. Nothing to add to Alberto’s brilliant, inspired and insightful commentary, except, and forgive me God, to intensely wish that this vermin, pathetic and cankerous of a little “thing” (because a human being he is not), rots in hell when his fatty liver explodes, both from his alcoholism and from the rotten bile he spews every day.

    Fuck you Lula da Silva!, we Cubans will never forget this…

  4. Te la comistes Alberto,

    This is a very beautiful and touching post. I wish it was published everywhere.

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