Bronca in Venezuela?!

Our friends at the invaluable La Nueva Cuba inform us that:

Venezuelan sources report that during all of today an important “conclave” of the nation’s most powerful Military leaders was held in Fuerte Tiuna. This emergnecy meeting resulted from the grave crisis caused by demands from the Cuban Military Mission in Venezuela. The Venezuelan military considers these demands unacceptable. In brief: The Cubans don’t trust many in the Venezuelan military and wants Chavez to purge them in order to guarantee the stability of his regime…”

Entire thing in Spanish here.

Things could get dicey: hear that Sean Penn?

7 thoughts on “Bronca in Venezuela?!”

  1. Wow, this could indeed get quite dicey real quick!

    I love the part where the Cubans are demanding that four colonels from Cuba’s military stationed in Venezuela immediately be given Venezuelan citizenship and the rank of brigadier general in Venezuela’s armed forces with control over Venezuela’s elite military units.

    If Chavez loses the military, he loses it all. That’s the only way he’s been able to stay in power.

  2. MILKSHAKES, Lazaro, “I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE! I DRINK IT UP *sluuuurp*” Heh, I couldn’t help myself, I love the movie by that same name.

    Now back to the nitty gritty. Ahem, Fuck ’em both! I hope both tear eachother up so bad that both countries are left defenseless!

    To liberty and Justice.

  3. That quote I just posted from the movie “THERE WILL BE BLOOD” can also be interpreted as “I own your shit now. You’re my bitch and you can’t do shit about it!”, If HUGeass CHimpEZ gives the Cuban military control of his army. See what I did there? GENIUS! I prefer my cookie chocolate chip, por si acaso. ;^)

  4. The date on the link offered is January 26th. Is that correct? Is it something new with a wrong date?

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