The castro regime, following the “script” to a tee:

A US decision to ease sanctions on Cuba and two other countries to allow exports of Internet services is intended to “destabilize” the communist island, Cuba’s government has said.

According to raul and co, anything from the US – other than free millions in cash – is meant to destabilize the communist island.

4 thoughts on “Ahem…”

  1. Actually, Val, this just proves that the regime doesn’t want the embargo lifted. So, just to spite them, we should remove all restrictions.

    That would really, really, really piss them off and if we’re lucky it’s going to (possibly, if the moon is just right and the stars are aligned) give them some heartburn as they transfer millions of dollars into their personal accounts and use the rest of the money to arm the military with more weapons to crack down harder on the Cuban people.

    Besides, I’m sure the common Cuban would much rather have his head bashed in with a new, “made in the USA” lightweight carbon fiber baton than old, rusted pipes. Sure, it still hurts, but the new equipment would surely make them feel more important. Nothing says “I care” more profoundly than a beat-down with high-tech riot gear.

  2. they have been challenging us since the embargo was first mentioned in the media to lift it. I say screw them. Until the political and of conscience prisoners are released, free unrigged elections are held with opposing candidates, Castros and their descendents are judged and tried in court for 50+ years of crimes against humanity, all this and more, then the embargo can be lifted.

  3. But wait!! Haven’t they been saying for years that the reason Cubans don’t have access to the internet is because of the embargo!! Don’t tell me they’ve been ¡LYING!

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