When the New York Times defamed Cuban hero Pedro Diaz-Lanz

“Pedro Diaz-Lanz is a shameless fraud. Castro is in fact a strong ANTI-Communist!” (Herbert Matthews)

From his fully glass-built house, disgraced former New York Times Senior Editor Howell Raines recently hurled bricks at Fox News for –get this!–“disinformation!”

“But as Diaz-Lanz warned, when outing Communists, their denial is only half the story. The truth-teller must also be slandered, smeared, defamed –his character assassinated as surely as the hundreds of men and boys then being physically assassinated by Che Guevara’s firing squads.

Not to worry! The New York Times was eminently worthy of the task!

“Sources (Castro or his henchmen) tell me that Major Diaz-Lanz was removed from his office for incompetence, extravagance and nepotism,” continued Herbert Matthews’ front-page article in the New York Times on July, 16 1959 (the very day following Diaz-Lanz’ Congressional testimony!) “Fidel Castro is not only NOT a Communist,” continued the New York Times front-page story, “he’s decidedly ANTI-communist.”

And Castro’s U.S. propaganda minions were just warming up. The New York Times had sounded her bugle. Now the rest of the media pack rushed in behind her (remember, this was 1959), yapping and howling and wagging their tails, panting to join the hunt. They were all too eager for a chance to mob and maul a man who risked his life and went stone-broke to warn America about what turned out to be the gravest threat in her history.”

Entire intransigence here at Townhall.

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  1. In 1968, when Orlando Bosch was on trial in Miami for shelling a Polish Communist ship, Pedro Diaz-Lanz publicly slandered Bosch by accusing him of being a “Communist.”
    From then on, Diaz-Lanz’s mental capacity deteriorated fast. Before he committed suicide a few years ago, Diaz-Lanz was living in his van in Miami and showering in the home of Pepin Pujol and other friends. He had been fired from his job at an auto parts store.

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