Marco Rubio’s statement on the anniversary of The Black Spring

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Seven years ago today in Cuba, 75 pro-democracy leaders, journalists and human rights activists were arrested, summarily tried and imprisoned for sentences of up to 28 years.  According to the regime, their alleged violations included acting on their consciences by organizing activities to advance the cause of a free and democratic Cuba.

Seven years later, many of these heroes of the Black Spring remain incarcerated alongside other political prisoners in Cuba’s inhumane prisons.  Others are under constant surveillance and pressure from a regime dedicated to suffocating all liberties on the island nation.

For me, the thought of other human beings being deprived of God-given liberties anywhere in the world, especially just ninety miles away from America’s shores, is a tragic reminder of the work that remains to ensure liberty’s blessings reach all corners of the world.

When America’s founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence, they outlined the rights of every single person on earth.  When it comes to Cuba, America must continue to demonstrate we still believe that “all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” When it comes to Cuba, America can still show we will continue standing up for every single word our founding fathers used to make America a reality.  This means promoting policies that support the democratic movement in Cuba, and using our microphone as freedom’s most powerful advocate to speak out about the heroic acts of pro-democracy leaders like Oscar Elias Biscet and castigating the cowardly repression of the regime.

My own experience being raised in the Cuban exile community has shaped my perception of the role America should play in promoting universal liberty.  The exile community’s long-standing solidarity with Cuba’s courageous patriots is a testament to the absolute truth that there is no work taking place around the world more important than supporting people who yearn to be what God intended them to be – free.

Cuba’s history has been littered by dark occasions such as the anniversary we are marking today.  But from the despair of that Black Spring, Cuba’s courageous patriots and those they have inspired to stand for freedom give us hope that more and more Cubans will recognize their condition is unacceptable and immoral, and have the courage to act.

Every day, and particularly on this anniversary, I stand in solidarity with the Cuban people yearning and working to be free.

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  1. My politically conservative Jewish friends are so upset by all of this. But if I even tried to mention what’s going on in Cuba to my liberal Jewish friends, they would quickly try to change the subject.
    These are the how did the world stand by for the Holocaust people. Even in Hotel Rwanda they cry and feel proud of themselves. But if it is about communism, yawn. Happily, they are becoming a minority.
    I am with Ziva. I am hoping with the advent of the internet, the truth will no longer be as easily squelched.
    Then when Cuba is again free, my liberal friends will brag about their part in it.

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