6 thoughts on “Tea Party in Coral Gables”

  1. Val –

    I love the second one. I’m stealing it for my “The Dry Wadi” overnight open post tonight.


  2. I also had the same thought about the second sign.

    Perhaps it is time for a new strategy on Cuba. The strategy should be aimed at embarrassing the regimes supporters in the USA other than Charles Rangel. Rangel seems beyond embarrassment.

    Even in Communist strongholds like Union Square NYC I have seen dozens of Commies tremble in fear at the sight of Cuban Americans. Perhaps the way to really improve the conditions is not to aim protests at familiar spots like missions and consulates. The way to go is to pester Commies and their supporters at their rallies, on their blogs.

    For what it is worth I have been accused of being Cuban by commies in NYC. They seldom get relentlessly attacked on their record and assume that anyone who does so must be a Cuban American. I consider the mistaken identity to be a compliment.

  3. CBC members claim they were called niggers and were insulted. Yet its okay for the Cuban government to calla Dama de Blanco a shitty nigger. Oh CBC? Your hypocrisy is showing.

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