A badly needed pep talk


Last night was bad. The law passed by the Senate and House really is that horrible.

But it’s the morning after, and your mourning should be over.

The mainstream media and the nutroots will try to demoralize you, and there will be plenty of gloat to go around.

But remember how we got to last night.

November 4, 2008, was the culmination of multiple generations of journalistic and educational malpractice and liberal guilt, malfeasance by Republicans who lost their way while in power, and a mass delusion on par with the tulipomania of 17th century Holland.

On November 5, 2008, did any one of you think that over 16 months later Obama would barely be able to pass a truncated version of his dream of single payer, and that dozens of Democrats would join Republicans in opposition?

As the mainstream media celebrated the permanent Democratic majority in the weeks after the 2008 election, did any of you think that in March 2010 we would be talking about the Democratic majority being in danger?

On January 20, 2009, when Obama took office, and then again in April when Arlen Specter jumped ship, did any one of you think we could hold off Obamacare beyond July?

In August and September, did you think we would make it to the end of the year, and then in early January 2010, did any of you (other than me) think Scott Brown could win and we could prevent a Democratic super-majority?

Your hard work has paid off, even if the end result was not what we wanted. But trust me, without you it would have been much, much worse.

For over a year Obama has not been able to push through other destructive aspects of his agenda, and the clock is running out before the mid-term elections.

The hard work must continue through the November elections because Democrats know they have just a few more months.

So shake off the gloom, get your asses in gear, get over it, and get to work continuing to fight the worst government policies “since the Great Depression.”

We have no other choice.

11 thoughts on “A badly needed pep talk”

  1. What worries me most

    is the extremely dirty politics

    “Chicago style on steriods”

    that the Obama administration

    is using to overwhelm

    the checks and balances

    of the consistitution

  2. Sadly, Obama and his socialist politics are what needed to happen to America to finally awaken the sleeping populace. No, they didn’t listen when we Conservatives foretold, “this is what’s coming.”

    But, “we, the people” are awake and listening now. As proven by the WH switchboard meltdown over the weekend, we are fighting the good fight.

    People are reading the Constitution and the Federalist Papers. They are researching laws and learning, not just about how our country was founded, but about how the VERY IMPORTANT process works.

    For the first time in (too many) years, people know the names of their representatives and are holding them accountable. We’re paying attention now.

    I’m an optimist. I believe this can be turned around. Not easily or quickly. But I’m already looking forward to the first Tuesday of November. =D

    • I wholeheartedly agree. It’s good to finally have people wake up and see what the consequences of their apathy has wrought. November is going to be a good month!

  3. Respectfully, I think you are both wearing some rose colored glasses.

    A CNN poll today reveals that 59% oppose the health care reform bill BUT 13% of those oppose it only because it is NOT LIBERAL ENOUGH! And when asked who they trust more to handle changes in health care, Obama or congressional Republicans, Obama wins, by 51-39 percent.


    A Kaiser Family Foundation poll finds that 46% support it, versus 42% who oppose it.


    Now that the Supreme Court has removed limits on corporate donations to campaigns, I suspect an awful lot of health related companies will be spending lots of money this year to convince people that this health care act was a good thing. Do any of you pay attention to the markets? The NYSE Health Care Sector Index has done nothing but go up for the last 2 or 3 weeks, EVEN TODAY it had a healthy 40+ point gain.


    Big Pharma LOVES this bill, and they will pony up in order to keep it.

    Maybe I’m wrong … but I don’t think so.

  4. That’s why I gave you another link to another survey, George. Also, you simply cannot deny the fact that the health care sector has been rallying, even today after the bill was passed.

    Actually, though, CNN’s survey is basically consistent with a recent one by Fox. The difference is that CNN asked people whether the bill was not liberal enough for their tastes (Fox left that particular follow-up question out).

    I understand how attractive Obama’s “Hope and Change” motto is to people on this board (“Hope” Obama fails and “Change” the government in November). So many here have adopted it for their own, which is too ironic for words. But hope is useless when it comes to politics, unless it can be followed up with facts and action. Right now, so many don’t want to face the facts.

    If you read Frum’s latest, he nailed it. Yeah, I know, you don’t like Frum. But his track record on this is good, and he has been more correct with his predictions than most.

  5. Cubabuzz, didn’t Frum say that this was the Republicans Waterloo, and that they are finished now?

  6. buzz,

    Of course big Pharma loves this bill. Obama and company bought them off behind closed doors. That’s guaranteed cash for them, no questions asked, paid for by the “government”, aka you and me.

    lets leave out little things about this bill like, for example, the abortion issue, or the fact that it will be the IRS who determines whether your health care coverage is adequate, or the fact that it will give the government direct, real time access to your personal bank accounts, or the fact that senior members of congress are exempt from it, or even the constituionality of a federal “mandate” for US citizens and lets take a common sense approach:

    First, do you really think the federal government will oversee healthcare without adding the layer upon layer upon layer of beaurocratic nonsense that it has added to everything it oversees?

    Second, state controlled healthcare hasnt worked anywhere its been implemented in teh world, what makes anyone think it will be fine here? hell, the fraud aspect alone will drive the costs exponentially.

    Third, you have to be a complete moron or an absolute kool aid gulper to believe that this bill which increases coverage to some 30 million people will somehow magically decrease the cost of healthcare.

  7. “Third, you have to be a complete moron or an absolute kool aid gulper to believe that this bill which increases coverage to some 30 million people will somehow magically decrease the cost of healthcare.”

    You nailed it Val…

    In time this bill (just as the Stimulus/Porkolus bill) will prove to be another disastrous waste of taxpayers money.

    Just wait until all the details start coming out and taxes begin to raise on everyone.

    Anyone thinking that this administration’s policies are going to fix this country’s problems are drinking the kool-aid from 55 gallons drums.

  8. In all my 48 years in DC I can’t remember a Republican administration overturning any legislation previously passed, so the idea that somehow getting a majority after the November 2010 elections is going to dismantle this abomination of the Obamacare bill is pure fantasy. We are stuck with this little piggy for a long, long time, maybe forever. We wouldn’t be here if the Republican party had and used its brains two years ago, or four years ago!

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