Ace rants on Frum

And it’s a thing of beauty…

I have less of a problem with self-professed “rodeo clowns” like Glenn Beck than I do with David Frum, who constantly asserts he is possessed of a more thoughtful, more intellectually mature ideology, but whose actual output consists of nothing but fagged-up derivatives of Morning Zoo shock jockery.

Heh. Frum is a dickhead, a wannabee David Brooks/Gergen who is an embarrassment to conservatism and conservative principles.

3 thoughts on “Ace rants on Frum”

  1. Indeed, Frum and his “enlightened” and “expert” ilk always seem eager to distance themselves from the Republican version of tacky Calle-Ocho intransigents–who consistently perceive and appraise most matters better than do Frum and his fraternity of high-‘falutin eggheads.


  2. Mark Levin had this to say about David Frum. “It’s like Yankees who come South because it’s generally such a nice place to live and then tell us we’re all a bunch of idiots and that we need to “do it like they used to do it back in Detroit.” Spare me – move back to Detroit and leave me alone.” Can’t say it any better than that.

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