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  1. I like to see a similar march “Free Financial prisoners in the USA, those who properties have been confiscated without due process and interned in nursing homes without a hearing , chemically restrained and isolated from being or seeing their loves ones.

  2. WE can SURELY relate and appreciate!…

    But what might Joe-sixpack/Tea-partier up in Missouri or Tennessee think of all those foreign flags?…”Criminy!..looks like another one a ‘dem “immigrant-rights” marches by a buncha ‘dem wetbacks!.. Hot-Dammit! Tom Tancredo was doggone RIGHT about that Miami place!….”

    Hopefully more U.S. flags were in play, along with the one in the great first pic. Heaven knows 50 years of “preaching to the choir,” hasn’t done much good.

  3. Normally I’d agree with you, Humberto. But this is about Cuba. I think whatever flags people decide to bring, so be it. If Joe Six-pack don’t understand, I’m afraid that’s his problem tonight.

  4. While I understand Humberto’s point, for once I agree with you Robert. I’m going to Sunday march here in LA, and I’m carrying the flag of Cuba. This is about the long overdue liberation of a slave state. I say everyone should be Cuban this week and march with us.

  5. I was at the march and it was quite emotional. I honestly expected about 10,000 to show up. I took my mom and some cousins – all women – they insisted on going. All were in shock at the MULTITUDE that showed up. I was also impressed with the turnout of the Honduran community. I saw a LOT of Honduran flags. I think they wanted to be present because of the MASSIVE support of the Cuban exile ocmmunity to their cause against Zelaya. We were one of the few LAtin American groups to support them in mass. Also a lot of Venezuelans, to be expected, and a spinkling of others. Notably absent were many Puerto Rican or Colombian flags…just an interesting observation. And there were plentu of US flags, but this was such a specifically CUBAN march that many Americans of Cuban ancenstry chose to march with the Cuban flag (as did my cousin). Overall, a beautiful event and I hope we get heard around the world. It really bugs me that Code Pink can have a demonstration with 20 people and it’s blasted everywhere, and we turn out 100,000+ and no one will know about it.

  6. I went and I’m really glad I did because I was able to witness that the Cuban exile spirit is still very much alive and kicking, unwilling to give up the still burning desire for the cause of a free Cuba without the Castro brothers.

    Fifty-one years of Castro tyranny and the Cuban exiles won’t give-up on the dream of freedom for the island.

    Today I felt good, really good.

    Viva Cuba Libre!

  7. It was beautiful to see a vastness of marcher dressed in white with Cuban American Venezuelan Honduran flags waving. It was beautiful to hear chants of “Libertad!” “Zapata Vive!” “Cuba Libre!” And my personal favorite (because I started yelling it at the top of my lungs. Which was followed by a choir.) “Arriba, Abajo, Fidel Pa’l Carajo!” It was beautiful see our “hometown heroes” Pitbull, Albita, Willy and Lissete Chirino, Hansel y Raul, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Rey Ruiz, Olga Guillot, Amaury Gutierrez, El Chino DreadLion, and many more who inspire us with their God-given talent of poetry put to music. It was beautiful smelling all the aroma of the vendors’ food wafting in the air. It was beautiful looking up at the sky while the Cuban anthem was playing the trails of two jet planes were intersecting so it made a triangle, it was shaded with more trails, and the moon was literally showing at the center of the triangle. Don’t know if that was intentional but it was truly a magnificent site. One of the reasons I love my city, we can come together and really make things happen.

  8. Felix- if we have a hundred thousand turn out for the march in LA, none of us can look at the sky here and imagine that our view of the moon is the same as for those watching in Havana. That is why we always long for Miami, it’s the closest some of us will ever get to Havana.

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