“There’s Something Happening Here!…What it is….”

Many, many TENS OF THOUSANDS!!! “went down to the demonstration” but not “to get their fair share of abuse.”

Our friend Jose ” El Tiburon” Cadenas was on Calle Ocho and took some dynamite pics. Jose concurs with our friend Cangrejero about the 100,000 plus crowd. “Singing songs and carrying signs..Mostly said ..” reports Jose.

So amigos, especially those of us who couldn’t make it, LET’S PARTAKE! :

miami zapata march sony 350-1

miami zapata march sony 273-2

miami zapata march sony 193-1

Hot damn!!!….Unreal

7 thoughts on ““There’s Something Happening Here!…What it is….””

  1. Seriously, I am so energized! When I first got there via the #8 bus from my mom’s house in West Miami near SW 62nd Avenue, we walked up to SW 27th Avenue and my mom was like – is this it? A man nearby said to her “lady – there’s over 100,000 people here!” We thought the march had yet to start (this was before 6 pm) and that the immediate crowd around the intersection was the extent of the crowd. Little did we know that the crowd ALREADY stretched all the way to SW 22nd Avenue! We started walkin and snaking our way through the crowd and my mom just kept saying “Dios mio!”

    Oh – Juanes is STILL a major prick and an asshole. His tweet about political prisoners in the US was so stupid. I’m not sure I know of any political prisoners in Colombia – other than those held by the FARC. Let’s just hope he fades into obscurity and soon.

  2. Louis Fonsi was our Juanes at the march. An awesome Puerto Rican. Better singer too.

    I loved the turn out. Imagine those numbers in Cuba. It would be a big time revolution with only the rebel side winning.

    Viva Cuba Libre!

  3. This Sunday, in LA, we’re putting Cuba on the map. Thanks to Andy Garcia and the organizers of Humger For Change. If you are in Southern California, be there. Without fanfare, a page in the history book of Cuba has changed.

  4. Ziva, where is the protest in LA going to be held at? I live in San Diego, but I would like to make the trip up there on Sunday.

  5. Good people, strong people, decent kind people, love liberty.

    Only the ghouls, creeps, and other inadequates who comprise the communist cabal are in love with the idea of BigGov and the injurious domination it inevitably brings.

    Every tyrant falls hard. Without exception.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    26 March, 2010

  6. As awesome as it was I have one teeny, tiny quibble. The politicians. Marco played it right by being with the people but Pepe Diaz navigated himself into every shot he could. The Loco Posse: The Next Generation (Carollo and Suarez) were also very conspicuous. this is about the people. this is about the grassroots. I hate to sound like Juanes or the Tea Party but this has to be about us and not them. This is for the Damas and the dissidents. We don’t need these guys trying to capitalize on this special moment.

    I’m not worried about pols showing up in LA cuz they are all commies there.

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