5 thoughts on “Embittered bomb-throwing geezers at Calle-Ocho protest!”

  1. Pablito,

    Yesterday you saw all Cubans of different races, backgrounds and political affiliations coming together marching in support for the Ladies in White, Human Rights and freedom for Cuba.

    If Posada Carriles went to the march (and I don’t know if he did) he had a right to be there too (whether you like it or not) as another Cuban that have been through the exile experience.

    If today we have all kind of artists visiting from Cuba and spewing their Communist propaganda while earning US dollars in front of Miami audiences, Luis Posada Carriles has the right to be here too and go anywhere he pleases.

    The only embitter geezer that belongs in my book is Fidel Castro Ruz, the one responsible for the 51 years of blood, exile and tears for the Cuban people.

    Unfortunately Pablito you are way too dumb and extremely too fucking stupid to see it that way as you’re always looking for a way to attack us the exile community while deflecting attention from the real monsters responsible for Cuba’s destruction (Fidel and Raul Castro).

    Attacking Posada Carriles as a response to Humberto’s post is prime example of your deflecting tactics.

    I don’t know for how long Val, George and Henry will continue tolerating assholes like you to post your imbecilities on this blog, but I sincerely hope that it doesn’t last for long because in my book you’re way overdue for getting your ass booted from here.

  2. I was looking for you guys, dude. Oh well, at lest we were in the right place at the right time.

    Hey does it make anymore badass if I took a picture with the ALPHA 66 flag?

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