Not even the MSM can ignore (or badmouth) it!

A teary but smiling Gloria Estefan mounted the stage at the end of a march she spearheaded that drew tens of thousands of demonstrators in Miami’s Little Havana to support Cuban dissidents Thursday.

”Thank you Miami,” Estefan told the crowd that packed the street. ”We are a people united by our love for freedom. We are here with all our different flags. That is what this great country allows us to do.”

Entire AP (via New York Times!) article here.

2 thoughts on “Not even the MSM can ignore (or badmouth) it!”

  1. Yes, the New York Slimes wrote this article all right, but then it places it on the ARTS section?
    So this was about “art”…..
    Reminds one of a back handed compliment, doesn’t it?

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