Andy Garcia in the News!


Andy Garcia, George Lopez, Maria Conchita Alonso, Steve Bauer, championing Cuban/Human Rights in Hollywood yesterday.

Might some devious Gusano use this news item to sneakily segue into a plug for Garcia’s movie, educate tea-party America about 50 years of Castroite horrors–and bash MSM morons?!

“In his movie The Lost City, about an upper middle-class Cuban family crumbling during free Havana’s last days, director and star Andy Garcia, along with fellow Cuban-exile screenwriter Guillermo Cabrera Infante, insist on depicting some historical truth about Cuba. This unforgivable gaffe blasted the bugles for a pile-on by critics. Their fantasies of pre-Castro Cuba, of Che, of Fidel, and of Cubans in general were badly jolted. Their annoyance and scorn spewed forth in review after review.”

Entire intransigence here.

1 thought on “Andy Garcia in the News!”

  1. As promised….It was wonderful
    to be in the presence of so many freedom loving people and lost in the sea of White yesterday in Echo Park area of Los Angeles.
    The presence of so many young people made it especially a sight to behold.
    The few ñangaras who tried to disrupt the march were quickly “pushed” aside and their Che Guevara flag was torn out of their hands.
    Wonderful event.
    Henry Agueros garces.

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