Ann Coulter in the News!

(Castro medical partner) Univ. of Ottawa shouts down Ann Coulter

Might some devious Gusano use this news item to sneakily segue into documenting Castro’s healthcare hoax, educating tea-party America about 50 years of Castroite horrors–and bashing MSM morons?!

“Sadly for Fidel Castro, the medical establishment abounds with men and women who stubbornly cling to their professional ethics. Enlisting their cooperation presents challenges much more daunting than enlisting the cooperation of cuckolded news agencies, corrupt Canadian Universities and a rotund filmmaker obsessed with vilifying his country.”

Entire intransigence here.

(And BTW, here’s how the brilliant (is that Hawaii? or the Galapagos? 4000 miles away)CNN’s Rick Sanchez spun the Univ. of Ottawa shout-down. )