Yoani Sanchez believes Cuban government is losing its stronghold


Yoani’s latest posts on Twitter tonight indicate that she believe the government is losing its stronghold over the people. Below is my best attempt at an English translation — forgive me any inaccuracies:

“After a really bad case of the flu, I have now returned to Twitter-space”

“The island has been shaken by social and political tremors which are starting to break down the system built by government propaganda over the course of many years”

“They force their rapid response brigades to say ‘This street is Fidel’s,” but fear that they have lost people inside their homes”

“While nonconformity is still curbed by fear, it is threatening to spill out onto the streets in 2010”

“If I had to pick just one word to describe the current situation, it would be fragile.”

9 thoughts on “Yoani Sanchez believes Cuban government is losing its stronghold”

  1. A dog is always most dangerous when cornered though. I fear there are some dark times ahead before the sun rise.

  2. Correct Mojito, they’re not going to go down without a fight. Either they’ll become so desperate that they’ll begin making false flag terrorism (I.E Destroying buildings or downing their own planes and blaming it on the U.S.), kidnapping and ransoming tourists, or they will start killing their own people by holding public executions to set examples. Until Cuba as a whole begin to wake up and break the brainwash and fear and finally rise up and take back control, darker days are in store.

  3. Indeed, Monica. “Fragile” definitely sums it up. But I’m afraid history shows that cornered and RABID rats don’t give up easily–unless it’s to obviously superior firepower.


  4. We saw what just happened in Iran. That is the model for the suppression of any descent. People rising up and being shot down. Combine that with an apathetic world. In Cuba’s case combine that with a sympathetic world (the UN, leftist leaders here and abroad) to the castro regime. Total economic collapse is the only way I see ‘it’ happening. And that, which in my view will eventually happen, will take a long time with so many castro friends prolonging the inevitable. Then what type of government takes its place?

  5. If Hugo was the only one. The Russians and Chinese are all to glad to help drill the oil rich coast (oh where oh where are the environmentalists?).

  6. -“…rats don’t give up easily–unless it’s to obviously superior firepower

    This is what it will take…

    1. People take to streets
    2. Regime shoots (rats and/or people get killed)
    3. People take over police stations
    4. Castros will flee / will be shot / or commit suicide.

  7. But I wish there were a way to arrest them instead of killing the thugs. We need information to get the money stolen from the Cuban people. It will be needed to rebuild.
    I hope there doesn’t arise a spate of murders of those in power now. I don’t want Cubans to repeat the horrors of their oppressors. I wish clever people could get in there and show how it’s done.

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