And this week’s “Head-Up-Orifice-Award” goes to?…The Sarasota Yacht Club!!!

As the incomparable Dave Barry used to write: “I SWEAR I am not making this up!”:

The Sarasota Yacht Club was recently (and amazingly) denied a permit for its proposed Sarasota-Havana Sailing Regata. They even hosted a Castro henchman to explain the venture to the club members, some of whom were absolutely enraptured by the courtly gentleman’s discourse!

“We’re looking at what Cuban children may need to pursue sailing,” said Sarasota Yacht Club Commodore Kay Goodman.

(Might I suggest bulletproof vests! And an escort by heavily-armed U.S. Navy helicopters that would blast to pieces the Castroite craft sent out to murder them!

“To promote ethical behavior among sailors and encourage the teaching of life-long lessons, which seek to build character, teamwork, and strengthen respect for oneself, others, the marine environment and foster good will between the sailing communities of Cuba and the United States of America.” Thus read the official Sarasota Yacht Club announcement of the heart-tugging event.

Yes! All those recreational yachters in Cuba!

Don’t Yacht clubs contain upscale and thus presumably educated members??????????? Don’t they realize that it’s a Stalinist regime that thrives 90 miles from their shores?

(HT to our friends at Capitol Hill Cubans for the news–but the crude and disrespectful depictions of the Sarasota Yacht Club above are not those of CHC, only those of the crudely intransigent poster.)

Absolutely Un-‘Freakin-Real !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 thoughts on “And this week’s “Head-Up-Orifice-Award” goes to?…The Sarasota Yacht Club!!!”

  1. Pray for me. Every year I meet with liberals from Sarasota and have to listen to their worshipful drivel of Obama and other inanities.
    These people who have two homes and live very nicely are deluded. If I ever tried to address communism, they would yawn in boredom. Oh, and yes, many are Jewish.
    I despair.
    But this post is so funny.
    I wish they could see it.

  2. As a resident of Sarasota, I know the type. I wrote a letter to the editor, which was published in our local paper, after the last time I posted about it.

  3. Oye, hay que ser pero muy requete-comemierda!
    This seems like a real stretch even for deluded Florida liberals….

  4. ShSSHHHHHHH quite don’t tell them those Children they want to teach to sail, really want to get the hell out of Cub, Maybe they will donate a few hundred sailboats and the kids can practice by sailing to Fla.

  5. Somehow I think is going to be the other way around as the Sarasota Yacht Club members are going to get a lesson from the Cubans on how to build a raft and properly navigate it thru the Florida straits.

  6. Freedom,
    Too funny.
    I recently wrote a letter to Professor Eire and told him my prediction that I believe Cuba will be free within a year or two because of the information explosion which they will be unable to control. I ended the letter with the declaration that while Cuba may become free, we will be losing our freedom.

  7. A little story. This race used to be out on by Ocean Racing Ventures. In 1996 I went on this race in my 38′ Catalina. This would have been my first trip to Cuba since leaving on a Peter Pan flight in 1962 at the age of 7. I got as far as the 12 mile marker due north of Havana. There we were met by a Cuban gun boat. They asked for my passport as well as my wife’s. When they saw I was born in Cuba I was told that I needed to “surrender” my American passport and they would issue me a Cuban passport. Ofcourse I did not agree to this shit. Then he asked for $200. I refused this also. Needless to say it was not a nice conversation.

    That’s as far as I got. Myself and two other boats had to turn around and go back to the Keys.

    Sad, I want to see the place where I was born………….maybe some day.

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