A message for Miami’s Cuban “Royalty”

Since they’ll have Obama’s ear, maybe they can whisper this sweet nothing, from our friend Carlos Eire:

Dear Val and Humberto:

My Canadian friend who is not at all a dupe and knows what is really going on in Castrolandia sends me loads of good information. A couple of days ago she sent me a few things worth sharing. Here is the first.

A group of Canadians that calls itself Not Just Tourists from Toronto has been bringing stuff to Cuba for years, including medicines.
Recently, all of a sudden, the slaveowners of Castrolandia decided not to let them bring in their goodies. When they tried to reason with the authorities, all they got was the same treatment as Cubans. And, man, were they furious! The nerve, how could they do this? After all, they’re not Cubans!

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, so the pain is lodged right under my sternum, and won’t go away. The email I am pasting below says it all.

My question: are the slaveowners deliberately trying to cut off this kind of aid, just to make things worse and blame it on the “embargo”, or did these Canadians start having too much contact with dissidents? Or what? Maybe someone didn’t get paid off. That last one makes the most sense. Cabrones.

Anyway, this is a slice of life in the sixth circle of hell.

Tomorrow, I take off to Spain for a week: a conference on St. Francis Borgia, in Valencia. Let me see if I can find the Cuban consulate and some nice huevos podridos. The Cathedral in Valencia has THE “true” Holy Grail. Let’s see if it helps in my search for the right kind of rotten produce, too. Or maybe I’ll just leave a bunch of bananas on their doorstep, tied in a nice red ribbon. All of them are probably brujeros and it will scare the mierda out of them.

un abrazo,


Dear Carlos: Look at the email that i just received from a toronto man who has dedicated years of his life to sending humanitarian aid to cuba with tourists, suitcase by suitcase. my sister and i used to help with the packing of badly-needed donated medical supplies;

Subject: *Special Message re: the future of Not Just Tourists Toronto

* *


As you may know, for some time NJTT has been unable to send suitcases of donated medicines and medical supplies to Cuba. This has been as a result of a new interpretation by Cuban Customs officials of the law permitting the importation of humanitarian aid. As a result, tourists can no longer import NJTT donations into Cuba and many travellers have been subjected to stressful interrogations when they attempted to do so.

In an effort to resolve the situation, NJTT met with Cuban consular officials and wrote to the Cuban Ambassador in Ottawa. We requested a reply within six weeks – by March 15^th . Our letter was not acknowledged nor did we receive a reply.

Needless to say, we who have put much time and effort into building NJTT, sending aid for the doctors and hospitals of Cuba for many years, and helping to build projects in other cities, very much regret this position of the Cuban government and wish that we could continue to provide much-needed donations to medical clinics and hospitals in Cuba.
*But we cannot*.

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  1. News to imbeciles

    If Cuba’s health care was so great why do they require aid from Canadians.

  2. It’s impossible to make sense of the Cuban view to humanitarian aid, because they themselves are stuck in a “arroz con mango” they can’t figure out what to do with. On the one hand, they’re terrified of outside influences that may disrupt the little anarchy they have set up. On the other hand, they need the money. So they’re constantly changing their stance towards who gets in or not. As far as health care goes, the average person gets all their medicine and supplements from right here in Miami, via visiting family. If it wasn’t for that, things would be a lot worse for the slaves. They get so much from that fountain, they can afford to cut off humanitarian aid, which doesn’t represent much when it comes from tourists. Which leads me to my next point. Canadians want to go to Cuba for the beaches and cigars. “Not Just Tourists” means “We aren’t just going to the beach, we’re bringing stuff so we can feel good about going to the beach while passing the disaster on the way there”. Buena mierda.

  3. Marquito,
    I could be wrong, maybe I’m just becoming a soft lefty or something in my old age…I hope not! But you said:

    “”Not Just Tourists” means “We aren’t just going to the beach, we’re bringing stuff so we can feel good about going to the beach while passing the disaster on the way there”. Buena mierda.””

    I know how very hard it is to watch for all these long years as the world swallows the nefarious castro propaganda whole. But it seems to me that when there is a group who is at least willing to bring in some much needed supplies, we can’t berate them for also wanting to get a little beach in. (If that is indeed the case) Yes, I know, from OUR perspective that feels like more of the usual treason. But as they say, you can’t knock a gift horse. And by the way, not EVERY Cuban has family in the states!

    Overall, the fact that these Canadians are now being denied access will bring them to speaking out loud about it to the rest of the world. At this point, that would be every bit as valuable as the medical supplies they were bringing in.

  4. Oops! Hoew did that happen?!?
    My complete sentence was:

    Overall, the fact that these Canadians are now being denied access will **HOPEFULLY**bring them to speaking out loud about it to the rest of the world.
    I don’t know how the word hopefully got erased from my original sentence, perhaps because I had placed it into more/less than brackets. HTML ignorance on my part? Could be. But the important thing is that I would not offer it up as a given that the Canadians will go as far as make an international stink about this.
    While perhaps not as cynical as my brother Marquito, I still hold some reservations of my own… 😉

  5. Hi Alley Kat. Just to clarify (you know how we Cubans are; we get emotional and go on a rant, and forget important points), I’m not cynical about humanitarian aid going to Cuba. I’m only cynical about the whole “Not Just Tourists” thing. It just rubs me the wrong way. I went to Cuba last December for the first time and there is immense need everywhere. We went as missionaries, stayed with a family there, ate with them and shared with them. When you get there, you give everything you have and feel like you need to give more. And you’re right; not everybody has family state-side. But Cuba is such a place of mystery and mystique, I’m afraid people get caught up in it and are willing to ignore the realities of Cuba just for the sake of being there. Much in the same way people are willing to overlook the atrocities done by the regime over the years because Che looks really good on a t-shirt. All I’m saying is, if you go as a tourist it’s easier to stomach staying in an oppulent hotel on a beach if you drop off some meds along the way. And maybe I’m judging too harshly. Maybe these “tourists” are staying with el pueblo. But if they aren’t, well… you know, me sube la presion. Thanks for sharing Alley Kat.

  6. Fact is Cuba is afraid of Certain Canadians that might be working for the CIA or MI6.
    Long Story.

  7. Hi again Marquito,
    I do understand you, my friend, and brother….

    Wow, you went as a missionary, well sure, that’s a whole lot different than going in as a tourist..whoooole ‘nother mindset!
    That’s the only thing that can be said that is good about the Cuban situation:

    “Donde abunda el pecado, sobreabunda la gracia” Communism has been great for the Gospel. Don’t ya think? Be blessed Marquito….

  8. Grrrr….that was NOT a question mark at the end!!!!!
    Hey guys, you know how much I love Babalu, but someday it would be great to have a self-editing feature, so we don’t need to post twice when something goes screwy. Just sayin’….maybe you WANT to see our mistakes just as they are….

  9. The message to the Canadians (or anyone doing such) is a clear one – You ambivalent knuckleheads are allowed here for no other reason than for you to open your wallets and finance our slave-camp, not challenge it. What these Canadians stupidly ignore is that Cuba’s misery IS IMPOSED, as such misery and forced dependency is vital for the survival of an egocentric, fraudulent, mediocre, and cancerous sect-like regime that just wants to continue in power at the expense of an entire nation and all else.

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