“Mindful” travel & tourism to Cuba

Presenting “mindful” travel and tourism to Cuba, more familiarly known as those indoctrinating “cultural” tours to Cuba.  

Ethical Traveler and Global Exchange’s Reality Tours have joined forces to create an extraordinary journey: an in-depth exploration of Cuba, with a focus on the country’s huge potential for mindful travel and tourism.

The delegation will be led by Malia Everette – who has been facilitating educational and customized trips to Cuba for 20 years and overseeing Reality Tours to Cuba for over 13 years.   Jeff Greenwald, Executive Director of Ethical Traveler, will be co-hosting the delegation. During the 11 days in Cuba the delegation will meet with grassroots community organizers, and visit ecotourism projects across the island. The group will dialogue with cultural leaders, educators and travel professionals, exploring how the future of US/Cuba relations will create new opportunities for the ethical traveler. Participants can look forward to experiencing some of Cuba’s timeless attractions—including Old Havana and Viñales Valley (World Heritage Sites), the Tropicana Nightclub, the white sand beaches of Varadero, and emerging ecotourism resorts in Pinar del Rio and Cayo Coco.

Who are these people?  The program is sponsored by Ethical Traveler (sic), and pro-castro radical Medea Benjamin’s group, Global Exchange.  Leader Malia Everette, you may remember was among the Code Pink “ladies” who travelled to Iraq to aid and abet the terrorists who were murdering Iraqi’s and U.S. servicemen.

The details are here.

Please share your knowledge of Cuba’s eco-system with them.


4 thoughts on ““Mindful” travel & tourism to Cuba”

  1. “Mindful” usually means: “Don’t perceive this as you perceive this, but think twice and perceive it as I have instructed you to perceive it.”

    And boy, do I love “dialogeuing” with people – it sure beats the hell of out “talking” with them!!

    And, speaking of “timeless attractions” – I would say that a 25 year sentence for loaning books is pretty fucking timeless!

  2. These are The Useful Idiots , who think Raul is going to Change tomorrow so they will be in front to make money with a free Cuba.
    Free Cuba Under Raul ? Yeah Right !

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