You ain’t kiddin’, Dick!

The truth comes out, but nobody will understand it:

Time magazine Managing Editor Richard Stengel, who will be part of the round-table on today’s Meet the Press, wrote in a new book released on Tuesday: “It is impossible to write about Nelson Mandela these days and not compare him to another potentially transformational black leader, Barack Obama. The parallels are many.

Mandela led the African National Congress, a communist political organization.

2 thoughts on “You ain’t kiddin’, Dick!”

  1. If you would have said sympathetic to Communists or even formerly terrorist outfit I would have a hard time arguing with you but once again why be reasonable when you can just be flat out ignorant. South Africa is not communist and it has been run by the ANC since apartheid broke. The ANC and Mandela can be criticized for a ton of things…actually tons of things (corrupt being the most obvious) but even their current leadership is pursuing relatively prudent policies once it comes to economic affairs.

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