8 thoughts on “How do you say…”

  1. Val,
    I love Rubio. He is adorable, seems right on all the issues, and is on our side. But cut this out at once! Let’s see him win this primary, then the election.
    What are you trying to do by promoting this article, get him made the butt of the msm even before he has a chance to get his feet wet?
    I have always thought conservatives should say nothing good or bad about Palin until she allows herself to sink or swim. I say the same thing here.
    We should say and do nothing about Rubio except fight to get him to win this primary.
    First things first, next things next and then…..

  2. I completely agree with Honey. If you read the comments beneath the story, you will see how people are already starting in with the smear campaigns. Let’s not contribute to an early political demise by giving the MSM a gratuitous target.
    He needs to become our senator first, ….and then we’ll see…..

  3. OH Please, He is still wet behind the ears , let him grow a little and learn to handle the old dinosaurs in Washington, the current president is still wearing diapers and he can’t get nothing done worth a Mojon !

  4. Although this would be great, it would never happen.

    Him being Cuban would actually HURT HIM more than it would help him. The MSM doesn’t see Cuban-Americans as “hispanic”, they see us as imbittered white “sugar oligarchs” (the fact this has no basis in reality doesn’t dissuade them in the least).

  5. A career is somewhat like climbing Mount Everest. You have to stop along the way and acclimatize. If you rush straight to the top, you asphyxiate and die.

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