Is this fair?

Nearly half of US households escape federal income tax.

Tax Day is a dreaded symbol of civic responsibility for millions of taxpayers, but for nearly half of all U.S. households, it’s simply somebody else’s problem. About 47 percent of U.S. households will pay no federal income taxes for 2009, either because their incomes were too low or because they qualified for enough credits and deductions to eliminate their tax liability, according to projections by a private research group.

4 thoughts on “Is this fair?”

  1. “America: Freedom to Fascism”, a little movie by the late Aaron Russo which explains the whole history of the income tax, federal reserve, and the down spiral of 1913. Google video has the full film for free. I’m not saying don’t pay your taxes, just watch it and think, then do the research.

  2. The movie sounds as though it is a little bit out there. I have not watched it, but from the reviews it sounds like the same old stuff … quotes and materials taken out of context in order to build what looks like a vast conspiracy. And I see that one of its stars is serving a 13+ year prison term for tax evasion. (This person being Irwin Schiff, father of well known investor Peter Schiff. That surprised me quite a bit.)

    But, okay, suppose one of the movie’s apparent main claim is true, i.e. federal income tax is illegal. Where does that leave the federal debt?

  3. The article this posting is based on is deceptive. True, many of us do not actually pay federal income tax, or better said, we manage to get our federal taxes returned to us after a year’s interest-free loan to the US government thanks to making use of the many provisions for legal deductions. The article fails to take into account that we still pay plenty in property taxes, state and county taxes and surtaxes, sales taxes, gasoline taxes, and the entire litany of other hidden taxes we all are forced to pay. So it is fair or not that many of us try to minimize our tax burden by using itemized deductions? I believe if it’s allowed, then it’s fair to take the deductions.

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