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  1. The “accident” that killed the Polish president smells an awful lot like Communist methods of “disappearing” people.

  2. Maybe it’s just me … There are days, anymore, where I think the characters from “Mars Attacks” ARE our current administration/Congress.

    Meanwhile, the Cuban diplomat in Mexico City has defected to the USA:


  3. That plane was filled with Solidarity heroes, Polish patriots, conservative politicans, high ranking military, religious and business leaders.
    AKA…trouble for Russia in the future.
    This needs to be investigated.

  4. Wait for the flood of Cuban Gov’t. employees who will Magically see the light, and defect to the US, where their Food stamps, free Medical, Welfare , and a Section 8 housing allowance will be waiting. The Oppressor today will become the Tyrant opposer tomorrow, after a lifetime of subserviance to the Communist Masters- and we will let them All in, and subsidize them to boot.

  5. A poster on another thread was asking about the Che is Dead- Get Over it! T-shirt. Go to che-mart.com for a good selection of this and other relevant products. May the Murderous Argentine Sociopath burn until Eternity!

  6. The “Gay Patriot” blogger is down @ the SRLC. He tweeted on Twitter yesterday:


    “Well that’s rich. Amnesty Intl protestor outside of #SRLC wearing a Che Guevara shirt. I walked up to him & said “He was a murderer” …”

    I wonder what the protestor’s response was … if any.

  7. This is an open tag.

    Almost 500 years ago Martin Luther said, to the then Pope, that Satan, effectively, controlled Babylon. Satan certainly controls Cuba but when you defeat him in the streets will you defeat him in your souls.

  8. I just read Val Prieto’s remarks concerning the pink parade’s march, and find them to be in Lockstep with the thinking of the Socialist Masters in Cuba. You cannot fight Totalitarianism by becoming one Yourself, Val. This is the USA, and All are allowed their say without interference from some self appointed Cuban-American Repudiation Squad harrassing them. Wake up and smell the Democracy, Val!

    • Olaf, or whatever the hell your name is, you are reeking like an infiltrado asshole. Your statement is ignorant and insulting.

      One more like that and you’re gone.

      It’s one thing to disagree, it’s quite another thing to hurl insults IN OUR HOUSE and call us what we fight every day. None of us can take your rights away, only the government can. You may have a right to free speech, but we also have a right to ignore you. It’s a two-way street.

  9. What exactly do you fight every day George? And how do you go about it? Intolerence, and absolute belief that your own view, and manner of realizing it, is the only one reeks of what you protest against. It’s your House, but you connect yourself electronically to the World, and the World replys. It is inconvenient at times, I agree. And ignoring someone is one right- respectful counter demonstrations are another. Cuban Gov’t. style Repudiation squads are something else entirely. And they are unacceptable in the United States.

  10. YWhat,

    Would you mind terribly posting a link to my remarks on “the pink parade?” I mean, if you are going to make an accusation such as the one youve just made, back it up.

  11. Val- What I read was that you said “Those treasonous code pinkos got exactly what they deserved. There is no quarter for traitors and haters. Period. End of fucking story.” My point is that Who gets to decide? You? I am not in any kind of agreement with any Apologizer of the two Despotic brothers, but I am unwilling to adopt their policies here to further my own point of view. They are useful Idiots- of that there can be no doubt. We should strive to be the Opposite. I like your posts, and have commented to this. For our beliefs( the moral Bankruptcy of the Gulag in the Caribbean)to be valid we must let any wacko apologizer have his say without the threat, implied or actual, of violence and interference. Let’s keep the Moral High ground in this Debate with the useful tools of the Socialist Masters.

    • So you criticize Val for calling these commie Code Pink bitches what they are, but not the Code Pink bitches for their tactics, which border, on occasion, on assault. The First Amendment guarantees my right to call them “Code Pink bitches” and Val’s right to call them “treasonous code pinkos.” We’ll let the readers sort out your credibility. Take your pretend “moral high ground” and stuff it.

  12. YWhat,

    One thing is for the code to march and protest whatever they see fit to protest against as long as it is done within the confines of the law and with tolerance towards other people opposing view. The “protest” to which you made reference was nothing more than an intolerant and planned instigation, and one that would have been completely and totally unacceptable had it been against any other minority in this country. What they did in front of Versailles would never have been accepted if they had done something akin to it at, say, the Lorraine Motel in Memphis.

    They came to our house spewing hatred and vitriol and got chased away. No one was physically assaulted or hurt.

    You may not have a problem with someone coming to your house and pissing on your dining room table, but I do. And Ill be damned if I allow anyone, ANYONE, to disrespect me and my beliefs and attack me with racists slurs in my own back yard.

    I stand by my statement. And, in all honesty, dont really give a fuck what your opinion on it is.

    Moreover, it must have taken quite a bit of research and searching through the archives of this blog to find that one post and I cant help but think that you had ulterior motives in doing so.

    No te tires, que no das piez.

  13. You have the right to call them anything at all. Just not to assault them. And Val, I was surfing Cuba blogs and your statement is on the front page of one of them, Mambisi watch I think. I did no research, so don’t be so paranoid. The code pinksters did it in front of Versaille just for that reason- they knew you would lose your cool, so you played right into their hands. And Val- we are in Our House, the USA, and every body gets a say. Not just those with whom you agree. Any thing different and it is Cuba.

  14. George- you are going to have to explain to me how 5 protestors are going to commit assault on 200 counter protestors.

    • I’m not referring to one incident; they recently tried to physically assault Karl Rove and place handcuffs on him. They were stopped by police. They know better than to try that shit here in Miami.

    • By the way, Mambi Watch is one of the least credible blogs about Cuba. It’s owner is not even Cuban and he is a red. Worthless source, but it tells me a lot about you.

  15. And I guess what I am trying to communicate is that instead of confrontation with the 5 useful Idiots, what if evryone in disagreement with the Drivel they were espousing stood on the sidewalk and Laughed? No distorted faces and angry shouts, just derision so as to show how little creedence anybody in the Land of the Free gives these wackos. My Father always told me to Never argue with a Fool- to a bystander it is hard to tell Who is Who. Don’t lose your cool is what I am saying, so that the reat of the Nation will see you as reasonable Men. Thank you for allowing me my say. Olaf

  16. Val,
    Very Good! LOL. I am no Fool, at least in my own estimation. George seeks to tar me with the brush for just looking around for input from different sides of the story. If all one’s information comes from your own side, not only will you not know what the other side is putting forward, you risk becoming calcified in your thought pattern. And I take George’s comment to mean that Only Cubans can bring clarity to the debate, which is patently false. I have probably been down there more than you the last 10 years, and you have only to see the Masters and their Minions in action to despise them and what they do. Cocky bunch of uniformed Bastards, and the women are the Worst! So don’t shoot! I would be dead by friendly fire. But advice from outside your own tight clan can sometimes be helpful, and as a Yuma with defeat of the Despots my principal concern, anything I would say to you both is to help, not to chastize. Healthy debate can do no harm, in my opinion, but if you feel somehow that I have insulted you ,then I apologize. It was not my intent. I call it like I see it, and Never from ignorance.

    • Don’t put words in my mouth, Olaf. I never said what you implied.

      I’m glad you’ve been to Cuba so many times. In what capacity?

      As for your sources, I may have to read The Nation and the HuffPo and other liberal blogs to see what the enemy is up to, but I would never use them as a source. A “source of amusement,” maybe, but never a reliable source of factual information. Mambi Watch falls directly into the amusement category. Low-level, at that.

  17. Well George. it begs the Question- did he say it or not? And that really is not the question. The question is are we to embrace the Repudiation Squad Mentality here, or can we be more intelligent, less thin skinned, and maybe even show a sense of humor about the useful tools in this Country? My capacity for many years is Boat Captain for a European based Yacht. And I love Cuba, the Cuban attitude, their tenacity in the current horrendous situation-and sense of humor- and Hate the Despots. Need I march in the Everglades to prove myself? And George, you said that the Administrator of Mambisi “is not even Cuban”. That implies somehting, does it not? As in No opinion but a Cuban’s has merit. At least that’s what it sounded like to me.

  18. Now you’ve piqued my curiosity, Olaf.

    What have your trips to Cuba been about? Do you work for the State Department? Are you involved in humanitarian work with NGO’s on the island? Are you one of those sub-contractors for USAID taking cell phones and computers to the dissidents?

    Just curious because I’d like to know in which context the information you have on Cuba’s civil society has been collected.

  19. Alberto, I think our posts crossed in cyber space, and you didn’t get a chance to read mine before you replied. But I will elaborate a little. I first went to Cuba in 1996 when I was asked to go as translator and Mate on a sailing yacht which my Buddy captained. I was curious, as at that time I had been to almost every Caribbean island except Cuba. (Si, puedo hablar un poquitico de la idioma)I fell in love with the place! I don’t much care for governments of Any persuasion, and the Socialist Master’s version less than all,( East Germany in the Caribbean!) but the Cubans! Hay mi Madre, los Cubanos! How they maintained their sense of humor, and stoicism in the face of what they had to deal with daily impressed me to no end. Y las Cubanas! A book I read described them as ” astute and alluring” and I think that says it well. I have also been fortunate enough to travel to most of South and Central America, and Every Latino says the same-Hay, las Cubanas! I met my wife in 1999, married her in 2003, and she has been here now for 4 years. I do not like the Socialists- Hell, they are Communists! (when did it change?) I have earned my right to speak up ,jumping through Cuban hoops for many years now, with the sonrisa de un comemierda to every uniformed, overly self important funcionario that I have faced, and there have been Plenty. More later, perhaps.

  20. Alberto,et al-
    I’m just an American Man. I did a tour and a half in Nam, in the bush, so have probably dispatched more commies than most posting here, but I am not proud of this. I was young,dumb, and full of cum- just like the Marines liked them. I tried to stay alive. Given it to do over, I would not have gone. I went to school, so now am an educated idiot as opposed to just Freelance. My purpose from the git-go here was only to try to point out how things look to the non-Latino population of the US outside of Miami. And it is not good. It is seen that you stand against the Law( Elian) and shout down all contrary opinions, anathema to the Charter of the USA. This does you no good in the Court of public opinion. I would like to be the PR man for the Cuban exile community, but don’t think the Cuban character/personality would be up to the task of being calm and reasonable, to your detriment. Don’t hate me for speaking truths, which most intelligent Cubans will agree with to some extent. I love you, brother. And I feel your pain, though never to your level. And I understand that as well. I have NO doubt that given the green light you guys would sacrifice your lives to storm the beaches of Cuba. And I applaud you for that, Compay.

  21. Olaf:

    I find your story quite interesting since my late father was also a boat captain. He started in Cuba during the 30’s when he was just a teenager working on a sailing freighter with no engines to speak of transporting coal from one side of the island to the other. The trips were made at night and they took 10-12 hours, so the captain taught my father how to steer and navigate so he could sleep. By the early 50’s, my father got a job as captain on the yacht of a wealthy Cuban attorney.

    By 1960-61, however, my father and my family had to leave Cuba or risk getting arrested and executed. My father continued working as a captain here in the States until he retired and worked for several individuals on their yachts. He traveled all over the Caribbean and up and down the US east coast, but he refused to ever return to Cuba and he let his employers know that fact. To their credit, they respected his wishes and never asked him to go there. My father promised himself that he would never return to the island while it remained under the control of a tyrannical dictatorship and only broke that promise when my uncle convinced him in 1980, during the Mariel boat lift, to go there in my uncle’s boat and pick up their sister, my aunt.

    But even if my father would not have felt that strongly about returning during the Castro reign, he would not have had as easy a time as an American like you. You see, as a Cuban, he would have been treated like a second class citizen there. Even though he had become a proud American citizen, he would have been treated like a common Cuban slave, humiliated, and forced to jump through hoops that foreigners, like yourself, never have to deal with. If you think Cuba is a difficult place for you, I’m sure your wife can tell you how much more difficult it is for a Cuban.

    With that in mind, imagine how difficult it is for a Cuban to watch foreigners, who are made up mostly of opportunists looking for young girls and boys they can buy with a bar of soap, coming in and out of their homeland like they own the place and taking advantage of their misery. Imagine how a proud Cuban feels watching the children of his homeland being sold like pieces of chattel. Imagine how a Cuban feels when he knows that what is available to every Italian, Canadian, Spaniard, American, and every other foreigner on the island, is not available to their brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers. Try and imagine how it feels to watch your country, your heritage, your culture being pimped out by a brutal and murderous dictator to the highest bidder. Imagine, if you will, what it would feel like to live in a country where the only way you can have the most simple of essential items is to NOT be a citizen of that country.

    Imagine all those things, Olaf, and then tell me if you still can’t understand why Cubans are so passionate about the situation in their homeland.

  22. PR Man, eh? Thanks but no thanks. We can defend ourselves, quite well, thank you very much. As much as we’d like the world to agree with us because we have a just and noble cause, we won’t change to please you or anybody else.

    Two things, though. One, the fact that you have changed your mind on Vietnam speaks volumes. I’ve had the same deeply held and informed beliefs since my teens. Facts are the facts. I know many Viet vets that are diametrically opposed to your position and think we won the battles and lost the war. The Dems (and Nixon) fucked that one up too. Two, we were right about Elian. Everyone else was wrong.

  23. Alberto, You tar me with a brush that is far too easy to use. Substitute, or at least Add ,Cuban-returnee for all the extranjeros you listed who exploit Cubans in Cuba, and then you could speak the entire truth, if that is what you desire. It is understandable that at first read, knowing absolutely Nothing about me, you would immediately bundle me with the victimizers who have descended upon Cuba for so many years, to pluck the ripest fruit from the tree, while Cubans go hungry. I have been surrounded by it since my first day in Cuba, and it disgusted me then, as it disgusts me now. But that is not me, so I will not take umbrage from your remarks, for they were directed at the exploiters, not me. And your Rage is understandable to me. If I had ever been given the opportunity to meet Fidel I would Never have done so, not because of Fear, but certain knowledge that I would have put my bare hands around his scrawny neck, and choked him to Death. Arrogant Bastard. Egotist beyond measure. And as you well know, no Cuban can enter by boat anyway, so your Papi could not have returned as He wished, and Deserved to do. These Castros, and I hate to change so I am going to Still say Fidel, have denied So many Dreams over the years that they are more numerous than Stars in the Sky. I take Great delight in knowing that el Commandante is a feeble old Alzheimers dope with a colostomy bag that he smells every minute, and with No God to comfort him. May he live Long, just like that. And as for el Pulgarcito- well, just Being el Pulgarcito is punishment enough. But I hope he goes before Fidel- What a can of worms!

  24. Oh, and one other thing, Olaf:

    Just imagine what it would feel like to hear some foreigner, who can come and go as he pleases, say “ay, esas cubanas,” with a sleazy smile on his face when the cubanas they are referring to happens to be your sister, or your cousin, or your mother, or your daughter.

    I’m not saying you were one of those with the sleazy smile on their face, but I guarantee you that the majority of non-Cubans who shared with you their love of Cuban women did have that sleazy smile on their face. I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and put you in the minuscule minority of single men who do not take advantage of the misery suffered by Cuban women, but don’t abuse my generosity by trying to convince me all your acquaintances are just as virtuous.

  25. Thanks. George. It looks like we may have gone to different schools together. I know Elian, and his Papi, Juan Miguel, collateraly from marina Darsena in Varadero, where he kept the pocket yacht that Fidel gave him for not defecting. I could tell you some stories. LOL!

  26. I did not tar you with any brush, Olaf, and you need not take umbrage at my remarks since they were not intended to insult you or scold you. I just asked you to imagine.

    You seem to have difficulty understanding the passion Cubans have for their homeland, and I only tried to give you a glimpse of the heartache we suffer every day and have since January 1959. If you find it too trivial, that is your prerogative. But don’t force your prerogative on us, the ones who are actually suffering the “trivial” humiliation.

    It’s funny that you say you would have killed Fidel with your bare hands if you ever met him in person, yet you ask us to control our passions and keep our feelings under control. Well, Olaf, trying walking a mile or two in our shoes–if you’re capable of killing Fidel just for what he’s done to people in a foreign nation, imagine what you’d be capable of doing if he did it to your family and your country.

  27. George –

    “I know many Viet vets that are diametrically opposed to your position and think we won the battles and lost the war.”

    My family members and friends that served over there say it this way, “We didn’t lose … we left.”

  28. Alberto= I said Exactly that. I was surrounded by the sleeze of the sleeze, braggarts looking for notches on the belt. I see them from Tierra del Fuego to Vancouver, not just in Cuba. It will be a difficult thing to overcome. A couple of generations, maybe, the Whole mentality of a Country. And what was a compliment, you perceive as an insult. Lay chilly,Baby.

  29. Olaf:

    I realize that you acknowledge the fact that Cuba is overrun with sleazy opportunists, and I shamefully admit that too many of them are actually Cubans from here and elsewhere–we refer to those despicable examples as ñangaras. But dude, have a little respect and dispatch off the condescending “lay chilly, baby.”

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