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  1. This incident has SO many dangerous and bad markers all over it; poor Polish people, who have always been log-suffering. Putin is a macabre figure; if he is behind any of this, it would not surprise me he’d like to head the investigation. Russia now has the opportunity to really do harm to the Poles; but few remember post-WWII history anymore.

  2. ..make that, long-suffering; a perfect description for Poland. Always getting in the middle of fights it has nothing to do with.

  3. I’m still waiting to hear how the South Korean ship sank.
    Notice how that fell off the radar screen.
    The whole Polish military leadership wiped out in Russia
    and it will be forgotten next week.

  4. “I’m still waiting to hear how the South Korean ship sank.
    Notice how that fell off the radar screen.”

    How do you mean, fell off the screen?

    The ship is presently in the process of being raised, and they say that will take 3 weeks or so to do. Once they do that, they can inspect the ship and see what’s what. I guess if all goes well it should be raised in the next week or two. Until then, there is nothing to report.

    The South Korean government originally blamed North Korea for the sinking, but then backtracked on that.


  5. A statement from Vlad the Impaler Vladimir Putin:

    “I personally certify that we, the Soviet union, er, I mean, the Russian Federation, da, Russian Federation, did not use our most adwanced SAM system the S-400 Triumf, against Polish plane. We promise. We really, really do. Honest. You can take my word on it.”

  6. I don’t know, guys … For what it’s worth I came across this info this afternoon, and queerly it was just yesterday:


    Now, my paranoid spider senses have been off the charts for nearly 2 years now … but the president of the damn National Bank of Poland was on that plane too.

    Maybe something there (in light of Obama’s new nuke arms deal with the Neo-Soviets … not forgetting his screwing over Poland days into his term by yanking back the missile defense system promised them by W) … maybe not. Maybe just damn shitty bad luck.

    I don’t know. But nothing is ever what it seems to be these days.

    BTW, in a google search of this whole topic more and more conspiracy theory threads are popping up on this not being such an accident. Oh, and the footage of Putin touring the crash site … unsettling.

    I’m just saying …

  7. drillanwr- I hope you are not really a surfer, lest others think all surfers rely on”paranoid spider senses” to inform our understanding of events. Something is “off the charts” with you ,clearly, but it’s not your spidy sense. That said, this Putin is scarier than Kim il Jung, if only because he commands more nukes, and he is super smart to go along with super Evil.

  8. I was … and don’t beat around the bushes. Tell me really what you think of me.

    I can ‘speculate’ or look for parallels as well as anyone else.

    What makes YOU so certain?

    I was throwing out a bit of info. If you choose to not see any connections in current world events so be it. I’m not saying there is or isn’t a connection.

    As to spider senses … I’ll keep mine, thanks. They’ve never let me down.

  9. “Air Force Gen. Alexander Alyoshin confirmed that the pilot disregarded instructions to fly to another airfield. The Smolensk airfield is not equipped with an instrument landing system to guide planes to the ground.”

    “But they continued landing, and it ended, unfortunately, with a tragedy,” Alyoshin said. He added that the pilot makes the final decision about whether to land.

    Sounds like an accident to me, but I guess if you like conspiracy theories, the pilot of this plane would be a good place to start.

    But jeez, the county airport where I live has instruments that could have landed this plane, and Smolensk is no cow-town.

  10. The American attitude against Putin bothers me quite a bit. I’m mixed: Russian-Cuban-American. I’ve lived in Russia for quite a lot of time and my husband is Russian, my daughter was born in Russia and is a dual citizen. I can’t think of anyone who DIDN’T vote for Putin. The majority of Russians wanted him to stay in power and I totally supported him becoming Prime Minister. I think he’s helped us really shake communism and go towards being a democracy. I know the US expects it to all happen overnight, but it’s hard to erase and re-build a total ideology and lifestyle, even if people didn’t enjoy it. And Putin is well-loved in Russia.

    My first feeling when I saw this was worry. I knew somehow people would link Putin to it and that it’d end up with tons of conspiracies. I just feel like this was a terrible accident and completely coincidental. My heart goes out to Poland, even though I don’t quite agree with their stance on Katyn: begrudging the current Russian government over something a GEORGIAN leader of the SOVIET UNION ordered to be done. But if they need an apology to move past it, then I say we give it to them. Though I don’t see our current government in any way responsible for what happened in Katyn or with the crash.

  11. Lazaro –

    Maybe Putin sold the airport’s instruments to Hugo or Mahmoud on one of his little trips …

    Loving how we’re (and the rest of the world are) supposed to go along with Obama’s “trust” that Putin and Co. will keep with the nuke arms agreement … when Russia has said it can back out of it at any time it sees fit.

    To my knowledge Med and Putin have had two parades down Moscow’s main drag of military and weaponry (yeah, old crap but still a saber rattling for the world).

    Well, if anything is learned from this the rest of the world leaders should rethink that whole ‘loading up the plane’ with as many important people as you can. There’s a reason the USA does it differently.

  12. Lazaro, from what I understand is that the airport where he was trying to land was a military facility that hasn’t been used much in the past thirty years. Does anyone know the name of the pilot? What was his nationality?

    I honestly find it strange that any president would ride on a Tupelov. Those are notoriously dangerous and usually only poorer airlines use them. My last in-Russia flight was on a really nice Boeing and many airlines are replacing them when they can. I haven’t been on a Tupelov in quite a number of years actually. And I think the last time I was on one, I proclaimed it would be the last time! I rode one from Dubai to Qatar and nearly had a heart-attack.

  13. Liza,
    You are not only mixed, but mixed up. You are either extremely naive or a liar. Putin IS a communist.

  14. Polonium, anyone?

    Liza, what do you expect us to think? It’s not like Russia doesn’t have a history of this sort of thing. Ivan Grozny didn’t get his name by being a nice guy. And although Stalin was Georgian, he led Russia. Sorry, that bird won’t fly.

  15. “I honestly find it strange that any president would ride on a Tupelov. Those are notoriously dangerous and usually only poorer airlines use them.”

    Liza, FWIW, the plane they were on was totally refitted and updated in December of last year (according to news reports).

  16. drillanwr wrote: “I don’t know, guys … For what it’s worth I came across this info this afternoon, and queerly it was just yesterday:


    Why would that concern the Russians? I mean, for one thing, the zloty is more or less in the middle of its trading range of the last two years.

  17. Look, guys, I just thought the “zloty” story and the timing of the two days was interesting and unfortunate. To think Poland’s economy will not be effected over the next few months by the great loss they just sustained is unrealistic.

    As to Russia, Putin et al hunger for the ‘glory days’. I have no doubts Russia wants to take back much of the satellite territories it held during the USSR era. Obama dropping the missile shield agreement just days into his taking over showed where he wanted to head and stand with that region.

    Very recent events in Kyrgyzstan have put our military air base there in doubt/question where the Russians are concerned. It is a major jumping-off point for our operations in A-stan. Even my cousin’s Air Force Reserve air lift unit has been there many times during the course of this war. Now the fear is Russia will want that air base for itself, and the US will have to do some dealing to remain.


    Russia, and others, see the USA as weak right now. We (well, the administration) is NOT closely allied with our lifelong friends. An interesting read by Victor Davis Hanson on this:


    I literally fear for countries, such as Poland, with Russia’s growing neo-Soviet influence in the region … and closer to our shores with Cuba and Venezuela, with our current socialist wannabe in the Oval Office snubbing the Euro countries, GB, and Israel, while bowing to those leaders/countries we held at arm’s length (literally and figuratively) for good reason.

    Nor do I buy the slams such people as Castro, Chavez, or that monkeyman in Iran make at Obama. Smoke and mirrors. They love what he’s doing.

    But, what do I know. I’m just an observer who takes nothing at face value these days.

    • YWhat & Liza, Drill (Maggie to her friends) is of Hungarian descent. There’s a lot of nasty history Cuban and Hungarian exiles can recount about their experiences with the Soviet Union a/k/a Russia. I don’t think there is a molecule of trust in either of us…

  18. This sounds like pilot error to me. The plane had a history of maintanence problems as well. I don’t see a Bogeyman behind every tree. But Lisa- you say Putin is aiding Democracy in Russia. Does that account for all the new Russian Billionaires who got Fat off divying up the assets of the State, Putin included? Look for the exact same outcome in Cuba after the fall- not that Cuba has much to be stolen.

  19. Attention please, would passenger Ron Brown please call the airline safety desk? Thank you.

    If this twist of events doesn’t define ‘res ipsa loquitor’ – it speaks for itself – can you think of another example which does? Neither can I.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasuspicious Key, Florida
    12 April, 2010

  20. @ paul –

    Careful with those pesky spider senses, my dearest, your surfing skills might get called into question …

  21. Re Russia and it’s agenda:


    As George so loves to quote, “These are not the droids you’re looking for …” Move along.

    Scroll up and recall what I said about the air base there key to our operations in A-stan.

    Paranoid? Notsomuch.

    Fucking neo-Soviets. My Grandparents and their families spit on you from their graves.

    • Translator: The general would like to know if you will drink a toast with him.
      Patton: Thank the general and tell him I have no desire to drink with him or any other Russian son of a bitch.
      Translator: [Nervous] I can’t tell him that!
      Patton: Tell him, every word.
      Translator: [In Russian] He says he will not drink with you or any Russian son of a bitch.
      Russian general: [In Russian] Tell him he is a son of a bitch, too. Now!
      Translator: [Very nervous] He says he thinks you are a son of a bitch, too.
      Patton: [laughing] All right. All right, tell him I’ll drink to that; one son of a bitch to another.

  22. George- Excellant! LOL. Wait for the first Nuclear bomb carrying Russian Bear bomber to land in Cuba, under rights granted by Cuba the same week as the Juanes sellout. Then we will see if Obama has some stones. I truly believe he does.

  23. drillnwr, OK, I apologize. I am sure you and I are actually on the same page about what matters- the 51 year Repression by the two Despot brothers. Can’t we just get along?

  24. drillnwr- (boy, is that hard to spell!) You are correct about Kyrgystan. Our efforts in A-stan will be Severely impacted with the closure of this base. We rotated 50,000 troops through there last month alone.I cannot stress too strongly how evil is this Putin. He is one Scary son of a Bitch!

  25. Liza,
    Putin was head of the KGB. THE . . . KGB. You know . . ? those wonderful folks that put people in places like Kolyma Or who assassinated persons in the West who were anti-Soviet?

    BTW, on a different topic I have some beachfront property in Kansas which I would like to sell at a good price, if you’re interested. You can even play with the dolphins. They come right up to the shoreline to frolic. Really. You could have a drink while watching them.

    Would you like some polonium with that drink?

  26. George –


    I am keeping a tab on how many drinks I shall buy you whenever we meet, my friend! Hell, I may breakdown and do shots with yunz …

  27. The Polish people have known countless tragedies for fifty years where fear suffocated dignified grieving with furtive tears and muted anguish. However, this is the first great tragedy in over 70 years where the Polish people can mourn their heroes, statesmen, elected officials and honorable military men openly with di…gnity and on their terms as a proud nation where the individual is respected and only God is feared.
    When tragedy gripped the United States in 1986 with the Challenger explosion, President Ronald Reagan, a great friend of the Polish people said the following which could also be said for the Polish officials who with Reagan struggled against the forces of tyranny.
    “We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them…as they prepared for the journey and waved goodbye and ‘slipped the surly bonds of earth’ to ‘touch the face of God.’

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