Hypocrisy on the right

What was that again about Ron Paul and earmarks?

Ron Paul has rarely been on my radar. Sure there were the anti-black/ anti-Semitic Newsletters which were published under his name (which he claimed he never read). And yes there were those really whacko public statements like; the federal reserve was behind Watergate, that Lincoln was wrong to push us into a Civil War over slavery, or his assertion that condemning the HAMAS terrorist rocket attacks promotes violence. But those items only suggest that the Texas Republican Congressman is a bigot as well as a bit of a lunatic, which not bad by today’s congressional standards.

Ron Paul is believed to be a “fiscal conservative” and if you ask him he will tell you that he has never voted for an earmark. That statement is 100% correct. What Paul does is to make sure that the earmarks he wants are put into a bill, and then he votes against the bill. Its the best of all possible worlds. He gets to bring home the bacon on a local basis and makes the anti-earmark claim on a national basis.

In fiscal 2009 Ron Paul sponsored or co-sponsored 23 earmarks totaling $80,775,750 ranking him the 33rd highest out of 435 representatives.

Like I’ve said before, he’s a hypocrite — and a loonbag, to boot.

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  1. That money will be spent regardless and it’s extremely intelligent to hedge one’s bets. I don’t see the problem here. I’d rather have 400 Ron Pauls allocating earmarks, which represent a tiny fraction of overall spending, than all the big-government goons that create the actual giant nanny-state programs that encroach into my life, liberty, and property.

  2. My fear is that the GOP is fragmenting into Ron Paul libertarian types – and Sarah Palin social conservative types … and that in the end Democrats will prosper because of it.

    I know several Ron Paulians who abhor the Cuban “embargo” as they don’t think the govt should limit their “liberty” to travel – this view however plays right into Havana’s hand.

  3. As much as I did not like Rino McCain and bimbo Palin I believe Paul hurt the Republicans inthe last election with his handpicked candidate. Ron Paul has become the Ross Perot of today.
    And yes the Paulians are against the embatgo and travel restrictions to Cuba.

  4. I’d rather vote Ron Paul over any of the disingenuous mainstream politics as usual candidates on either side.

  5. Let me add that Ron Paul inserts earmarks for the people in his district, then votes against it, also trying to get others in congress to vote against earmarks instead of blindly following what their collegues do or pressure the them to do, to stop earmarks altogether, there is a method to the madness ladies and gentlemen. As to the embargo, that’s the only thing I disagree with, but I guess his view is that the Cubans are in charge of their own destiny. His policy is that by trifling in the affairs of others is just hurting our own nation. It’s debatable, but he’s focused on America and not the other countries. Say if a revolution happens in Cuba, so be it, we just won’t interfere. I can see the logic in that. In theory it sounds great, but I can’t fathom when or if even at all Cubans will rise up and take back the country, release the political prisoners, and regain stability.

  6. Ron Paul is a clown that would get this country and the rest of the world in big trouble because of his isolationist policies.

    Whether we like it or not America cannot afford to be isolationists as the whole free world depends on our support.

    Remember what happened in the late 1930s that led to WWII. As Hitler devoured Europe while America sat on the sidelines unwilling to confront the Nazis machine.

    We got hit at Pearl Harbor because America was kept in isolationist utopia ignoring the conflict around us and unwilling to get involved for the cause of freedom.

    History tells us that idiots like Ron Paul don’t deserve to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  7. I watched Glenn Beck last night … and he was sounding just like Ron Paul – he is becoming more isolationist by the day.

  8. Glen Beck is not my hero but once in a while he gives us information on things that need airing. But he is a libertarian and not my cup of tea otherwise.
    To declare Palin as merely a social conservative is not accurate. She is a perfect friend of tea partiers everywhere, for smaller government, for lower taxes, against Obamacare, cap and tax, card check, for Israel, against stopping the Cuban embargo. There is not an issue she is on the wrong side of as far as I’m concerned. She is a great communicator and draws bigger crowds than even Obama. And these are not orchestrated crowds, or paid for crowds. Grass roots America loves Sarah Palin.

    Palin is no bimbo. I think she’s a doll and the only reason McCain came within three points of winning. Let the left be the ones to use name calling. If you are on the right, it is unbecoming for our side to do that.

  9. McCain said it was isolationism. Being a Non-intervention nation is no where near isolationism. Have we sunken so low as to parrot the same bullshit that spews out of the cesspool that is the mouths of RINOs?

    While Palin is not a bimbo, she’s a bonifide quitter, how the hell can we expect her to lead when she quits her own duties as govenor while in office?

    Please, Beck is about as libertarian as Bill Mahar, meaning that they claim to be but are not.

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