Word$ Get In The Way

The Miami Herald, on the E$tefan’$ DNC fundrai$er thi$ week:

They are hosting a $30,400-a-couple fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee, and, by extension, helping to fund the entire Democratic Party agenda. It’s a proactive, partisan stance that goes well beyond, say, deciding to sing at a presidential inauguration or accepting a presidential appointment to oversee a nonpartisan cause.

Mention the Estefans and many no longer conjure up images of freedom and catchy tunes. Now — rightly or wrongly — many associate the name with Obamacare, abortion, powerful unions, creation of a welfare state.

The event also means the Estefans are helping to promote Democratic Party candidates, regardless of whether a particular candidate espouses ideas they would support. In other words, the decision to hold the fundraiser is the opposite of their stated belief of being nonpartisan when it comes to choosing our leaders.

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  1. Soon bloggers were labeling them as traitors. In one swoop, all the good will they had built with so many followers, all the years of supporting nonpartisan causes such as freedom and human rights, seemed to disappear. In many ways, that’s not fair to the couple, who have done so many good things to help our community.

    That last sentence has been my main point of contention all along. Let’s criticize, not demonize. Demonizing is what our liberal friends are all too often fond of doing.

  2. Robert,

    You know that I have gone the extra mile before in defending the Estefans, to the point where I became the object of much vitriol. And Ill be the first to agree that they have done a lot of good work with respect to the cause of a free Cuba.

    that said, tho, I feel betrayed. I dont begrudge anyone their right to vote or support any candidate they chose, be they D or R, but this fundraiser theyre hosting isnt for any one particular candidate, its for the PARTY, the very same Party that has given us Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, and the rest who are systematically destroying the greatness of this country.

    Moreover, I also find the disingenuousness of the estefans very disturbing as well. This fundraiser was being planned way before the March for the Damas, and the news withheld from all of us. I have absolutely no doubt that those that turned out for the march would still have turned out for it despite knowing the estefans were holding a fundraiser for the DNC. It was about la damas and las damas only, after all.

    But this “unity” with the community from the estefans while secretly commingling with the Democrat Party leaves an incredibly bad taste in my mouth. Just as bad as having a che lover on an album dedicated to Cuba.

    if the couple wants to be treated fairly, then perhaps they should start treating us fairly as well. be on the up and up and all that.

    Right now, I dont trust a word that comes out of either’s mouth.

  3. To me they are just another musical artist that have drank the grape kool-aid…they were the reason that I did not attend the March of the Damas. The Estefans have the right to do vote and raise money for anybody or any group they want and I have the right to not follow them blindly down 8th street. What good did that march do? NOTHING!! But it did lift the Estefans in our community as heroes and that allowed them to slip this right under our noses. Soon they will be publicly supporting Joe Garcia…this is going to get ugly!

  4. Val,

    Thanks for your response. At the risk of repeating myself over and over again (my apologies), the Estefans, just like anyone else, are fair game to be criticized for how they are meeting with Obama. While meeting with Obama on Cuba can never be considered a bad thing, I also don’t like that the DNC will gain monetarily from this. However, as Jackie Bueno Sousa suggests, the line has been crossed between fair and just criticism, and downright personal attacks on the Estefans (calling someone a marxist, communist or traitor is very much a personal attack in my book). Unfortunately, this dust-up gives the other side plenty of ammunition through which they unfairly attack us.

    The end result is that we spend too much time and energy fending off these attacks, which takes away from our real focus which is supporting freedom in Cuba and going after the real enemies of freedom. Please, let’s not let emotion get the best of us, like it does so often for some on the left.

    • FUCK the other side. We can dish it out to those drool-bib wearing imbeciles better than they can dish it out to us. I refuse to the let them take over the narrative with lies and calumnies.

  5. I am all for a personal attack as you say Robert. They are personally attacking me, all Americans, and all others who get infected due to their political position. You cannot separate their personal politics withthe ramifications that they bring.

    • I am sick and fucking tired of our side taking the “high ground” while the other side, full of Alinsky disciples, “progressives,” Marxists, socialists, and general all-around scum, do whatever they have to do to win. People, we have to grow a pair and start shouting and screaming THE TRUTH louder than they scream THEIR LIES if that’s what it takes to win.

  6. There is a reason why the call the past the past.It is no longer the present. What they did in the past matters little if they forsake that in the present. I am beyond sure that their little “march” was to get people to remember their “past” when they betray us in the present.

  7. I’m with you George, pototo and Val,

    As far as I’m concerned I won’t follow the Estefans on any other event they’ll stage in this town, no matter how noble the cause.

    I guess that the Estefans feel that they’re so famous, wealthy and influential and could care less to sell their souls to Obama and the Democrats and that is their problem in my opinion. My view is that the many people that become very famous and wealthy like them, lose part of the souls in the process and forget their past.

    Let me make it clear to everyone, I would not not sell my soul or play the role of useful idiot (like the Estefans and many Cuban-Americans in this town are doing today) to Obama and the Democrats even for the cause of a free Cuba because I know that Obama is trying to turn our country into another Marxist/Socialist society and second; because I know that at the end Obama will betray the cause of a free Cuba despite all the bullshit coming out of his mouth and the members of his administration.

    This current POTUS has not failed to disappoint me a single bit regarding what I was expecting from him if elected to office, therefore my certainty expressed in my previous remarks about him.

    Let’s make it clear to everyone in no uncertain terms. I don’t trust this current Marxist, anti-American bullshit artist we have for POTUS today and the members of his administration as far as I can piss, period. And I certainly don’t trust ANYONE who allies themselves with Obama regarding of their noble reasons (as in the case of the Estefans), that simple.

    As much as I love the land where I was born, today I’m an American citizen first (and second a Cuban-American) and I cannot, and never will stomach what Obama and the Democrats are doing to our country.

  8. My Hungarian Grandparents picked up an American saying when they first came here as kids and used it a lot:

    Leheveredik a kutyák és fert?zött válik, a kártev?k.

    Loosly translates to the proverbial “lie down with dogs get up with fleas” saying.

    Only, it always sounded longer when Grandpa said it. So, I asked Grandma why his was a little different. She’d roll her big dark eyes and shake her gentle head before Crossing herself and walking away … mumbling. Must’ve been something about Grandpa’s family because the word “Romani” was in the mumbled mix …

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