And now, a public service announcement…


A huge thanks to all of you who helped out and donated a few bucks for my trip to Dallas for the Human Rights and Cyber Dissidence Conference. I’m still a bit short on the funds, but I guess I’ll just have to make do.

I’ll be writing and posting about the event all weekend, so come on by and have a cafecito.

Image via Michelle Malkin.

2 thoughts on “And now, a public service announcement…”

  1. val-
    I was going to send you $50 bucks- not much, I know but Hey! Your Minions are a a hard lot, de Verdad! But I was moved by your mention of my Dad’s wisdom. Very suscinct! But, Paypal went haywire asking for this and that, and fuck that. Give me the PO Box # and I’ll send it . I look forward to maybe seeing you face to face, but maybe not at Versaille? Is that You today as the avatar? If so, then it surely was your Dad who suffered, and not You. If All are opposed to the Brutal Castro Tyrants, why would the site encourage negative response? 51 years- Ya! Flood Cuba with loud mouthed Americanos! Send them 50,000 Spring Breakers to start! What you continually espouse has not worked- something different, maybe. And I am NO useful tool. Just a Realist

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